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This was the Samsung :) Smiley, a phone with a physical keyboard

Samsung Smiley

Run the 2009-2010 year. Smartphones as we know them today do not exist. No one imagined for a moment that we have devices with screens of more than 6 inches and 12 GB of RAM and although Android was an operating system well known at the time, one brand dominated above the rest.

We talk about BlackBerry, that company of mobile devices that for many sound like something prehistric but for others – like me – is a living history of technology. Their devices, although initially developed for executives, they soon launched for the mundane user with terminals like the BlackBerry 8520, which every teenager had in his power. A price not very high and a fabulous physical keyboard with which to send thousands of WhatsApp per minute were the key to its success. Therefore, why not copy it?

This was the Samsung Smiley, a rare phone that wanted to look like BlackBerry

There were few phones that at that time wanted to imitate the fame of BlackBerry – not with very good results by the way. One of them was the HTC Chachacha, possibly one of the most remembered. But we can't forget the Samsung Smiley either, one of the smartphones with the funniest name we remember and that honestly, that was his greatest achievement.

The Samsung Smiley little or nothing resembles the models of the most current South Korean firm such as the Galaxy S20, not only obviously for technical features. On the one hand it did not have Android but unlike the BlackBerry, It was a much more limited model in terms of installation of applications and services.

As we read years ago in CNET, it was a device with a 2.6-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, 50 MB of storage, a 1.3 megapixel camera and a battery of 1,000 mAh. Nothing particular for the date but as we said before, had the added value of the physical keyboard.

Because let's be honest. Although no one misses him today, the physical keyboard was something much desired years ago. Allow people to write text messages quite quickly, especially in those moments when touch screens have not yet become fashionable. However, the Galaxy Smiley was not a sales success.

Something normal. The almighty Samsung Galaxy S will arrive in 2010, a phone with Android, with spectacular performance and with the ability to surf the internet and install applications such as WhatsApp itself, Twitter or Facebook. The Galaxy S and other Android phones began to eat the market and devices such as BlackBerry and feature phone as the smiley stayed as residual models.

We do not know if the physical keyboard is again a fashion at some time, we sincerely doubt it, but it never hurts to remember things from the past and especially discover little known phones. In this case Samsung launched a phone taking advantage of the pull of the BlackBerry although apparently it was not very good. Luck that he knew how to get up from this failure