These are the most used web browsers in the world

This is the safest web browser according to a study

Google CHrome for Androidhrome

Although if we ask you what is the mobile application that you use most in your day, you will respond many times that WhatsApp, Instagram or some similar app, that you know that you are surely making a mistake. Because the app that we use most in the day is the web browser, that tool that we do not give much importance but that without a doubt is something essential not only in a smartphone, but in other technological products such as tablets or computers.

Web browsers to choose from there are many and varied. Some focus on privacy, others that the user experience is the best possible … so in general terms there is no one better than another but that we must choose the one that best suits our daily needs.

Now, a few days ago we told you that Google Chrome was the most used web browser in the world and that many people still used, to the surprise of all of us, outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer. But, Did you know what is the safest browser of the moment? A recent study gives us the answer.

According to a recent study, this is the web browser that most respects the privacy of users

Microsoft Edge for Android

When choosing a web browser we must take into account several factors. That it works fast, that is light if our mobile device or computer is not very powerful and that in particular, respect new privacy and security. Not in vain we will spend many hours using this tool looking for content on the Internet and consulting sensitive data such as our bank account, without forgetting that it will store all our accounts and passwords.

For this reason, this study called "Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home?" developed by a group led by a professor at the University of Dublin, has analyzed 6 of the most popular web browsers of the moment in order to find out which respects its users more.

The tests consisted of collect data during several moments of use normal browser, such as:

  • In the first start after a new installation
  • In the browser when closing and restarting
  • When pasting a URL in the top bar
  • After writing a URL in the top bar
  • When the browser was idle

The results, which the ZDNet digital medium echoes, leave us with several interesting results. Three differentiated groups are evidenced, in the first and most private is Brave, in the second Chrome, Firefox and Safari and in the third and less private group, Microsoft Edge and Yandex.

Therefore and according to this study, if we would like more private and secure browsing on our device we should use Brave, which by the way has a free application for Android with a score of 4.3 out of 5 and almost 150,000 downloads. If not, we should use any other browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Curiously, the new Microsoft Edge, which I am personally testing on my mobile device and computer, works quite well becoming a pleasant surprise for all those who have been able to try it … as long as we don't care about the result of this analysis.