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The Snapdragon 665 is the processor that will have the Realme 5s

Really 5s

The launch of the Really 5s, The company is finishing planning the event in which it will be announced, as the only thing missing. The phone is ready and several of its features and technical specifications have been leaked in recent days, so we already know various details of it.

The new thing that now comes to us is the information about the System on Chip that will ensure that everything moves smoothly in the terminal, and that is what we are talking about next.

The Realme 5s, which is the brother of Realme 5s along with the Pro version, also has the Snapdragon 665 As a chipset, it is worth noting. Although this processor for the mobile was rumored a lot, now it is a fact that the mobile will have it, and this is confirmed in the new poster that has been leaked, which seems to have an official character.

Really 5s

Really 5s

Reviewing the qualities of the SD665, we find that it is a eight core chipset, of which four of them are Kyro 260 at 1.8 GHz for efficiency and the other quartet are also Kyron 260, but at 2.2 GHz for maximum performance. The architecture on which they are based is 64 bits and the Adreno 604 GPU has the role of moving the graphics. It is worth mentioning that its performance is not very different from that of Snapdragon 660, but it is presented as a newer lightweight option and its node size is smaller; 11 nanometers to be more precise, unlike the 14 nanometers of the SD660.

It is also known that the device will equip a 48 MP quad camera and a design identical to that of its two older brothers. Note that the launch date of the terminal is scheduled for November 20, so we won't have much to wait for.