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The iPad Search app helps police chase two thieves until their tragic death

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On many occasions we have talked to you about how the Find my iPhone application, or Find My iPhone, has helped to catch car thieves. Now the Apple application that allows you to locate all your devices on the map is called Search, and it is much more useful since it integrates all the options in one place, so We can locate our family and our devices from the same app.

The operation of the application remains the same, with your data Apple ID is able to position your devices on a map, and this is ideal if you have lost them or, as in the case we tell you today, if they have been stolen.

History has happened in Australia and the newspaper reveals it to us The Sydney Morning Herald. As indicated in the newspaper, on February 4 the police chased two thieves who had stolen an iPad and a neighbor's car in a house thanks to the Search application. They could locate the thieves in their Hidalgos until their tragic end.

A movie chase that ended very badly

These two thieves entered a case and stole several things, including an iPad, and fled in a stolen car. At first the police were following this stolen car in a way, let's call it "traditional." However shortly after they switched to another stolen car, a Toyota Kluger and that was when the police area unit intervened and started using the iPad Search apps to follow them.

The police rang the iPad inside the stolen Toyota Kluger that men drive and track men through the Search app on this iPad for two hours.

The chase lasted 2 hours during which the fugitives tried to steal other vehicles, however they failed. The police were not able to reach them either but everything ended after an accident at a speed of 100 km / h after the thieves skipped a traffic light and crashed into a road That towed a large container. In the accident were also involved the occupants of another vehicle, however both these occupants and the driver of the road left only with serious injuries. Something that did not happen with the two thieves who died in the accident.

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The police report perfectly summarizes what happened:

"Two men died during a police chase in northern Melbourne, they were being tracked from the air through the "Search" application after an iPad was stolen in a home raid. Driver Vaatoa Chang, 29, of Sunshine West, and Caroline Springs passenger Jonas Montealegre, 36, took the iPad with them while changing stolen cars in an attempt to flee for two hours from the police on 4 February".

Undoubtedly a tragic end to an incredible story in which the iPad and the Search application proved to be essential. It is likely that if the police had not been tracking the fugitives through the iPad, they would have escaped.