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The Galaxy Fold 2 will launch with a lower price than the first

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is located working on a successor to the Galaxy Fold, which will arrive in a few months to the stores. The first generation is having good sales internationally and the reviews are being positive. The second folding device that the well-known manufacturer will launch would arrive with a series of changes compared to the first.

One of the most notable changes would be its price. As reported by a well-known filter, the new Galaxy Fold would arrive with a lower price than the first generation. This decision of Samsung could contribute to the successor sales being greater, reaching a wider audience in this case.

This new Galaxy Fold, with serial name SM-F700F, should not be official. In addition, its launch would take place worldwide, with some markets already confirmed. It would be India, South Korea, the United States, China and the EU where it is confirmed that this device would be launched.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

There are some leaked details about the device, such as that it would come with a single 256 GB storage version. On the other hand, it will be possible for consumers choose between black and purple colors. There is no news about the design it would have, whether or not it will be similar to the first.

Another aspect that is being mentioned is the name. This second generation or second phone it would be called Galaxy Fold Lite. This name, which has not been confirmed, would imply that this phone will be something simpler in terms of benefits. Again, it is not something that has been confirmed so far.

Samsung hasn't said anything about these rumors of a new Galaxy Fold. The company does not usually go out before such news, so presumably in this case they will follow the same strategy. There is probably new data on this new folding phone, which allows you to have a clearer idea about it.