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the first real images of the Google economic phone are filtered

Google It is a company that despite being very powerful in the software section is still struggling to gain a place as a hardware manufacturer. In fact, if everything goes according to plan, this could be the fifth year of the firm as a telephone manufacturer.

However, although the Pixel 5 could be presented in
October, much has been said about the mid-range economic model that
we will know as Pixel 4a, and which seems to be able to reach the market in
Sometime in May.

A phone that now adopts market trends more

Something that characterizes the Google Pixel is its design, which always seems to go against the trends that other manufacturers follow, although curiously the Pixel 4 began with the trend of the large and square module for the rear cameras of the equipment.

However, the Pixel of previous generations (including the Pixel 3a) were not exactly phones that stood out for their small frames, glass body or many rear cameras. But a photograph that claims to be real shows us that the Pixel 4a will be a team that will follow some of the trends of the current mid-range.

The photograph shows us an identical team that was leaked weeks ago as a render, and where we see a perforated screen very much like the Galaxy S10e (which is not a mid-range), or that of new phones from Huawei and Xiaomi.

On the other hand, in the back we see a square module
(as in Pixel 4) that doesn't make much sense because it only houses a
sensor and flash, something that is undoubtedly a lot of attention because today
in day it is very strange to see a mid-range phone with a single camera, because
The average is already 3 sensors.

Google has always been very reserved with the number of
cameras on their phones, and bet more on the software to work wonders, without
However, just wearing a sensor may not leave it standing in front of the
other market options that offer greater versatility.

The photograph also shows the rear fingerprint sensor, which once again will make Google's phone look bad in front of its competitors that already offer the on-screen fingerprint reader.

This will be the new look of Google Photos for Android

However, users who bet on a Pixel do not
they do for the design or versatility of the cameras, but for their policy of
updates and support of the company.

How much could the Pixel 4a cost?

Some rumors suggest that the company's new phone could be sold from $ 399, that is, about 8 thousand pesos at the exchange rate, although we will have to wait longer to know all the details of this device.