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Tablets for less than 100 euros: 5 good options


Tablets for less than 100 euros: 5 good options

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3 February, 2015

Although if we are willing to make a significant investment, we have large tablets to choose from, the truth is that not everyone can afford it and, what is almost more important, not everyone really needs such a high level device, When the main use that will be given is to navigate or hang out with relatively simple games. The good news is that if this is your case, the offer of cheaper tablets It has improved a lot in recent times, so that you can get solvent equipment by prices lower than even 100 euros.

The advances in the tablet sector are not reduced only to the spectacular improvements of technical specifications that take place in the high range, but also in the basic range There has been a significant improvement in recent months, perhaps not thanks to such an important evolution in hardware, but at increasingly affordable prices for devices perfectly capable of offering a satisfactory experience to a user not too intensive. So much so that we can buy tablets for less than 100 euros even by some of the big manufacturers. We give you the links to the distributors where we have located them for lower prices, although you can find them in many others in most cases and the price will vary in different degrees.

Our first recommendation is the Fire HD 6, particularly if you don't mind if the screen is only 6 inches, something that may even be convenient if you plan to take it with you everywhere, since its measurements are also lower than usual (16.9 x 10.3 cm). Despite its size the screen is enough, with resolution HD, and its audio system is also quite good (Dolby Digital Plus). The cameras are nothing particularly striking (2 MP for the main one), but enough for video calls and for an emergency photo. Its great attraction is to have an operating system with a really simple interface, very appropriate for users less familiar with Android, and very light, which gives the tablet a fluency that no other device in its range exceeds. The cheapest model offers only 8 GB of storage capacity, but if you are willing to pay a little more, you can also get it with 16 GB.

Amazon Fire HD 6

Acer It is one of the companies that have been most dedicated to low-cost tablets and the Iconia One 7 It is the best exponent of the quality / price ratio they have achieved. In this case we have a conventional 7-inch screen, but also with HD resolution, and although its size is somewhat larger, it must be said in its favor that it is relatively thin (8.9 mm). Count with one Intel Atom processor dual-core 1.6 GHz and, although the truth is that it lags behind the Fire HD 6 in terms of fluidity, it has a couple of interesting advantages: the first is to have a more powerful main camera (5 MP), something you might appreciate if you think you are going to use it a lot; The second, more important, is that its storage capacity is only 8 GB, in this case you have the option to expand the memory externally via card micro SD.

Acer Iconia One 7

Lenovo IdeaTab A7-40: 75 euros

Lenovo It is another of the companies that has entered with firm step in the field of low-cost tablets, especially thanks to a few new models of the IdeaTab that presented last year and among which is this IdeaTab A7-40, the cheapest of our list and still with some technical specifications of the most interesting: its 7-inch screen has HD resolution, mount a processor Mediatekbut of four cores, also has 1 GB of RAM and its 8 GB of storage capacity are equally expandable via micro SD. The only section that is more clearly behind the Iconia One 7 It is the camera, since its is 2 MP, so it is more to the assessment that you make each of how much use you will make of the tablet to take pictures.

A7-40 "width =" 656 "height =" 318 "srcset =" 656w, app / uploads / 2015/02 / A7-40-300x146.png 300w, 690w, uploads / 2015/02 / A7-40-240x117.png 240w "sizes =" (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px "/></p><p>Some time ago <strong>Asus</strong> updated your tablet<strong> Memo Pad 7</strong> to give a screen with HD resolution, but if you do not give too much importance to this aspect (and the truth is that many probably will not notice too much the difference), the model with <strong>1024 x 600 resolution</strong> You can get it now for a much lower price (the HD model can be bought for about 130 euros, in case you think the price difference is worth it). The good thing is that in other sections it is still a tablet with good features and has, for example, a processor <strong>Intel Atom</strong> and, like the others, with <strong>1 GB</strong> of RAM to accompany you. The main camera is 2 MP and its storage capacity is also 8 GB, but it also has a card slot <strong>micro SD</strong>, so it shouldn't be any problem.</p><p><img class=

HP, another of the names that can not be missing when we talk about low-cost tablets in recent times, also has a model specially aimed at competing in this range: HP 7 Plus, which started at 109 euros, but now you can get even less. The main disadvantage that it has with respect to the former is that, just like the Memo Pad 7, we have to comply with a resolution of 1024 x 600. If this does not worry us too much, otherwise the tablet does not have much to envy others. For example, as with the Ideatab, we don't have an Intel processor but Allwinner, but in return is from four cores, and is also accompanied by 1 GB of RAM The main camera is also 2 MP and the storage capacity of 8 GB expandable via micro SD.

HP 7 Plus cheap tablet