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Sunset Overdrive for PC arrives on November 16, pre-orders are live

A new Amazon list for Sunset Overdrive has potentially leaked the release date of the PC version. According to Amazon, the PC port will launch in a few days, on November 16. You can pre-order the game on Amazon now for $ 19.99. The game includes all previous DLCs.

There are three days left until Sunset Overdrive arrives on the PC, if we want to believe in the Amazon listing. When viewing the website, it is almost impossible to have it uploaded by mistake or simply a placeholder. That makes it much more strange that neither the game developer Insomniac nor the alleged PC editor THQ Nordic have published any official statement about the game's release.

The truth is that, despite the many concrete leaks that Sunset Overdrive is getting a PC version, there is no official word even about the existence of such a port. It is extremely strange that if Amazon is right about the release date of November 16, three days before the game's release, there is no real ad. Can we assume that this is due to a license perhaps, prohibiting the promotion of a version of the game other than Xbox One? This is purely speculation, of course.

Either way, the Sunset Overdrive pre-order page has not been disconnected for more than a day, so it seems that it is legitimate after all. We are waiting for an official announcement any day now.

If you're curious about Sunset Overdrive and you've never heard of him, you're probably not alone. The open world action game was an exclusive game for Xbox One for many years. The game had the bad luck of falling under the massive negative RP system that Microsoft's current console was receiving during its first year of release.

It is really sad, since the game is a very unique and fun action and adventure game, with a bright atmosphere focused on colorful and fun combat, and a quick tour. Check out our review of the Xbox One version in preparation for the new PC port.