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Someone imagine what a foldable iPhone will look like and it doesn't look bad at all

Like it or not, smartphones have been inclined to follow the trend of folding. Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and Xiaomi are some of the companies that have used efforts developing their own flexible mobile devices; Nevertheless, Manzana An has not expressed a sign about it.

The year 2019 was discreet in terms of this trend, since you only compare as Huawei or Samsung they revealed to the world their folding smartphones Mate X Y Foldrespectively. Now, a few months after 2020, we already have other participants such as Motorola RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Although in the beginning the tendency of folding was not necessarily attractive, the last devices have shown that there could be something useful in this technology that is able to reduce the size of a smartphone by half without losing a single pixel of the operability

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Although there are several companies that have decided to venture into the territory of folding smartphones, Manzana It has remained silent on a possible mobile device.

An Instagram designer and influencer called bat.not.bad, dared to imagine how lucira a foldable iPhone. In a video, the user shows how it will be a iPhone 12 Flip with folding screen in the style of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip It was presented a few days ago.

The concept shown by the Instagram star, reveals a device with an external touch screen with which you can control the volume, access notifications and even the camera. When you press a button, the smartphone will automatically display letting you see a full screen without notch.

The operation is practically identical to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but the operating system is iOS, obviously.

You can watch the following video of the concept of a foldable iPhone.

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While there are some rumors that indicate that Manzana will be working on a iPhone folding, everything seems to indicate that it will be until 2021 when the company decides to show it officially.

Would you like that Manzana design a foldable iPhone?