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Slap Kings, the crazy game where you win by giving you a goat

Slap Kings Android soup game

If you ever watched the popular slapping contest on YouTube that brings together thousands of people in different towns and cities within Russia to compete with each other and know who is the one who slaps the most, because Slap Kings is not very different from that.

Thanks to a small team of developers, no more than 3 or 4, we can now try to emulate these types of competitions within our Android mobile. The game is named after Slap Kings and the only objective within it is to hit the opponents until you get them out of the competition.

What is the game Slap Kings for Android?

Download Slap Kings for Android

Don't expect Slap Kings to offer you a gaming experience never seen before, far from achieving that. It is simple and straightforward, at what level? Well, at the level of any low-end Endless Runner type game available within the Play Store.

From the moment we started playing, we already have our character in front of the table that separates us from our rival. He, with both hands supported, wait for us to release our first soup, which, if it is strong enough, knock it down in a matter of seconds.

In the middle of the game it is possible to observe a meter that swings from one side of the screen to the other, and it will stop when we touch it. If the needle of said meter is very centered, the blow will be extremely powerful. However, if the needle approaches the edges, we will only give a slight caress to our rival.

Incredibly, that's all you have to know in order to play Slap Kings, How? Nothing else? Yes, that's it, there's nothing more than that. You just have to touch the screen (anywhere) when the needle is centered and ready, you will get the victory.

Download Slap Kings for Android

If everything we have told you before has caught your attention, we have very good news to give you: The game is completely free and works on any mobile device with Android 6.0 or higher!

Those, we recommend activating the avin mode before opening the game, why? For the simple fact that it is full of publicity. Every time you defeat an opponent, you will see a commercial video that you should see s or s in order to face another character.

On the other hand, if you are looking for fighting games that are of a higher quality than Slap Kings, you can enter this link. We have compiled with the best you can find in the Play Store for free.