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Run is an endless runner with many characters

Om Nom: Run is the new work of the creators of Cut the Rope and those we know by ZeptoLab. A fun and entertaining endless runner in which we will have many characters to unlock and a lot of events so that the games are varied and idle.

ZeptoLab brings us a pretty well pampered game and that puts as protagonist the same of those games so casual and fun to which we usually have accustomed this video game studio. Go for it.

Following in the wake of others

Om Nom Run

Om Nom: Run is not that it brings anything to the genre, but yes it treasures enough quality To play it for many days. We have the classic displacement from left to right, the jumps and those landslides with a downward gesture for when we cannot avoid the obstacle in any other way and we have to go down.

Om Nom Run

It also has the protagonists of the other ZeptoLab games and this includes Om Nom and Om Nelle; it's time for you to get to know them because we will have years of Zeptolab games and well we applaud from these parts, since we love their games!

Om Nom: Run too puts us before different events We have to complete. We talked about traveling x meters, unlocking x objects or getting that limit number of letters to get all the possible rewards such as that gold that allows us to unlock new characters.

Each character with their Om Nom Run skills

Om Nom Run

As a detail to tell are the skills. We can improve them with gold that we are collecting and will allow us to obtain better rewards with the skateboard. Yes, we will have moments when we can do very varied pirouettes.

We also have the enhancers and thrusters. We talk about rockets, magnets to collect coins, jumping boots and those double coins that grant us more money to unlock more characters.

What we really liked is the variety of levels and the variety of enemies that will come our way. It's a whole trip every game, and this in an endless runner it is vital to keep us alive and that time passes quickly; which means we are having more fun. And as in any freemium, here if we use advertising we will be able to generate more coins and get extra lives after having fallen before some of the obstacles that we will encounter in each race.

Varied places to run without stopping

The surroundings They offer many good times and generate a great experience. That said, a whole trip to go through busy streets, untidy roofs, underground tunnels, a robot factory and many others that we leave in the mystery for you to discover.

Zeptolab has been able to launch an endless runner called Om Nom: Run and that in itself is very attractive because of how well worked it is. Yes, the animations may lack some more spontaneity and grace, but it is a whole where he earns a lot. We stay with his characters, the variety of environments and having to always be active to overcome the problems. The enemies that will come our way and that are quite surprising are also very well worked. We could almost say that it seems that we have fallen through that endless hole of Alice in Wonderland.

Om Nom: Run is a fun and interesting endless runner in which Zeptolab again demonstrates that he knows how to do things very well and launch fun games; as happened 2 months ago with this other casual. It is a freemium game, but in which we can go completely from the ads, although logically we will progress more slowly. We will see if Zeptolab updates the game periodically with new content, although it looks like it will be working for another title.

Editor's opinion

Om Nom: Run

  • Editor rating
  • 3 star rating


  • Your surroundings and character design
  • Various events and missions


  • It brings nothing new to the genre

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Om Nom: Run

Om Nom: Run

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