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RED HYDROGEN One, the first smart phone with holographic display

Announced the arrival in Mexico of the first smartphone with 4-View screen in the world, which creates an experience superior to that of 3D vision and without the need to use lenses: the equipment HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK that was presented today in Mexico City.

Everything can be improved, it is only a matter of when and by whom, is the precept of the CEO and creator; Jim Jannard, HYDROGEN NETWORK that framed the presentation of HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK and the arrival of the brand in the smart phone market, with a device that revolutionizes the industry in two ways: the integration of technology not seen before and a rebel design, which breaks with all the canons established today.

Jim Jannard's path and what it is today HYDROGEN NETWORK It started in 1975, when he founded Oakley with only $ 300 dollars in his wallet. Ten years later, the company had redefined the entire dark lens category with its iconic Oakley eye shadow design. Subsequently, Jannard gathered his group of visionaries to design a high performance digital film camera. The family of cameras NET set a new standard in the industry, filming some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood.

Now, Jannard's team has created the HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK, a device designed for entrepreneurs, makers and content creators. But HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK It's not just a smart phone, it's a tool. With these specifications, there is simply no comparison with any other cell phone that has been manufactured.

  • 4-View (H4V) Display: The HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK and its 4-View light field display creates a better experience than 3D, without the need for glasses. With the HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK, you will have the ability to video holographic recording in 4-View, both front and back, which captures images, videos and selfies.
  • A3D Multidimensional Surround Sound Audio you did not think to ask: The patenting algorithm A3D Turn audio into an expansive space sound, with or without headphones. Surround sound alone requires a room full of equipment; Now be no more.

  • Modular System Modules that matter: Improve your HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK with stackable modules. A future pocket film camera, as well as an extended battery performance module and many more additions are yet to come.
  • Industrial Design Inventions involved in design: Choose between an aluminum or a titanium model (a very limited edition that will be available after launch). Both come with Kevlar panels, beautiful and functional sides designed in the RED style, as well as a holographic QHD screen of 5.7.

  • HYDROGEN Network and RED + Leia Loft: Explore 4-View holographic applications, exclusive to HYDROGEN. There is content to watch, games and applications for download, all in H4V. The best and most legendary creators share their work together with the next-generation trend developers.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform: Which is designed to support cutting-edge camera capabilities, incredibly fast download speeds, as well as a long-lasting battery. Capture photos and videos in 4K and live as you see it. With better graphics and better performance, you will get the best mobile experience.

  • Augmented Reality (AR): HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK It is enabled for ARCore, so you try new AR experiences that transform the way you play, shop, learn, create and experience the world with others.
  • Maximize energy: Carry out your daily activities and enjoy your multimedia content, as well as worry-free social networks, thanks to the 4,500mAh battery, which maximizes the performance of your smartphone.

This is the most exciting project I have worked on, Jim Jimnard said. The HIDROGEN One is launched after years of research and development, including an unprecedented phase in which more dedicated RED users of the ARMY NETWORK- supported evaluating the performance of the device during months of rigorous testing through a prototype model Pre-launch

For its part, DAniel HajjAboumrad, General Director of Amrica Mvil destac: We are very pleased that Telcel makes possible the arrival of RED HYDROGEN One to Mexico; a team that, through its functionalities, will certainly allow users to enjoy and make the most of all the benefits offered by the GigaRed 4.5G Telcel.

HYDROGEN ONE NETWORK be available in allTelcel Customer Service Centers, in the online store, as well as with authorized distributors and soon in commercial chain stores throughout the Mexican Republic. The equipment can be purchased prepaid in the Amigo mode at a price of $ 27,999 pesos, or through a Max tariff plan without a Telcel limit.

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