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Pokmon: Come on, Pikachu! And let's go, Eevee! – A guide of natures

Pokmon: Come on, Pikachu! And let's go, Eevee! – A guide of natures – TecNoticias, your information portal

A guide to the natures in Pokemon Lets Go.

Your Pokemon in Pokemon Come on, Pikachu! Y Eevee! have natures Natures are, abstracted, a disposition they have: they can be happy or sad, they can be irritable or friendly, and so on. However, the nature of your Pokmon also has some very important considerations in game terms: natures lead to tangible effects on the growth of your Pokmon statistics when they level up.


There are more than two dozen natures in Pokemon come on Next, find a list of each Nature, as well as statistics that increase by 10% (listed first), and statistics that decrease by 10% (listed second).

  • Adamant: Attack, Special Attack
  • Bashful: Neutral (no statistics affected)
  • Bold: Defense, Attack
  • Brave: Attack, Speed.
  • Calm: Special Defense, Attack.
  • Care: Special Defense, Special Attack
  • Docile: Neutral (no statistics affected)
  • Gentile: Special Defense, Defense
  • Hardy: Neutral (no statistics affected)
  • Hasty: Speed, Defense.
  • Impish: Defense, Special Attack.
  • Jolly: Speed, Special Attack
  • Lax: Defense, Special Defense
  • Solitaire: Attack, Defense
  • Smooth: Special Attack, Defense
  • Modesto: Special Attack, Attack
  • Naive: Special Speed, Defense.
  • Naughty: Attack, Special Defense.
  • Silence: Special Attack, Speed.
  • Peculiar: Neutral (does not affect statistics)
  • Eruption: special attack, special defense
  • Relaxed: Defense, Speed
  • Sassy: Special Defense, Speed
  • Serious: Neutral (does not affect statistics)
  • Shy: Speed, Attack.


You can go to Fortune Teller in Celadon City to change the nature of a Pokmon to something more preferable for a day. She charges 10,000 Pokedollars, and the process is a bit complicated, so let us guide you through it.

Essentially, the nature that the Pokmon will have will be reduced to the flower you water and the flower you lose. Next, we have a list of the natures you get by doing it. The first flower is water, the second is thin:

  • Green, Pink: Sassy
  • Pink, Yellow: Hasty
  • Blue, Green: Eruption
  • Red, Pink: Brave
  • Yellow, Blue: Impish
  • Blue, Yellow: Soft
  • Yellow, Pink: Relaxed
  • Blue, Pink: Quiet
  • Blue, Red: Modest
  • Green, red: calm
  • Red, Yellow: Solitaire
  • Pink, green: naive
  • Pink, Blue: Jolly
  • Blue, Blue: Bashful
  • Green, Blue: Care
  • Red, Red: Hardy
  • Yellow, Yellow: Docile
  • Rose: Rose: Serious
  • Pink, red: shy
  • Red, Green: Naughty
  • Yellow, Green: Lax
  • Green, Yellow: Soft
  • Yellow, Red: Bold
  • Green, Green: Peculiar
  • Red, Blue: Adamant

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