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Parrot presents the first wing-shaped drone to "DISCO"

The political and modern drones cannot go unnoticed in this edition of CES in Las Vegas. In this sense, Parrot, one of the most innovative companies in this area, presented its project for 2016. It is the β€œDisco” drone, the first one ready to fly, wing-shaped and aimed at consumers.

Parrot Disco Parrot Disco "A flying wing to rise with the birds"

Disco will be "a flying wing to rise with the birds," Parrot said to his creation, characterized by being ultralight and allow enveloping flights thanks to its integrated front camera.

Parrot Disco is light. It weighs less than 700 gParrot Disco is light. It weighs less than 700 g

According to Parrot, the user takes the light drone that weighs less than 700 grams, (1.5 pounds approximately), shakes it to activate its rear hlice and throws it into the air. The Disc must ascend in circles to take height and keep flying automatically until the user is ready to pilot it.

The device works with the usual Parrot Skycontroller controller It adapts to the tablet or smartphone, you can also connect your virtual reality glasses for an immersive piloting experience. It has accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and GPS sensors, once the device is in the air you can turn left or right easily by simply touching the control, and the same happens with the change in height.

Disk can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour fly for a maximum of 45 minutes.


The biggest difference between piloting the Parrot Disco and the usual drones existing in the market, is that innovation cannot remain static in the air or fly backwards or sides, because it always moves forward.

Parrot also announced other of its novelties for the current year, the "Parrot Pot" a new gardener robot or smart pot for plants which measures the critical parameters for their growth, while managing irrigation autonomously.

"Parrot Pot" an intelligent pot for plants

In this way, the company will continue to work and position itself in the market of civil drones, and connected objects and cars.

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