Motorola confirms a foldable phone: 'We do not want to arrive after anyone'

Motorola confirms a foldable phone: 'We do not want to arrive after anyone'

Motorola's foldable phone is in the oven, but when will we know it?


Motorola launch a folding phone this summer.

The product vice president of the bat-winged firm, Dan Dery, confirmed this within the framework of MWC 2019 and during an interview with the Engadget site. "We have no intention of arriving after anyone in the market," the executive said in the interview.

On the other hand, a person familiar with the company's plans told CNET that Motorola plans to sell its flexible phone for sale in the summer. The source also said that Motorola's foldable phone design does not resembleSamsung Galaxy Foldnot toHuawei Mate X

Dery added that the company has been working on folding devices for a long time and has different phone designs and iterations on the table. Dery did not mention a release date or even an announcement, but Engadget considers an event around the summer feasible, taking into account that the Galaxy Fold reach the market in April and the Mate X a little later.

The executive confirmed different prototypes that Lenovo's subsidiary company has been testing, such as the use of a single screen that folds in two and exposes only one part for use in the "phone mode".

Through patents, we can know that Motorola seems to be working on a folding phone with a very familiar design for those with more than a decade involved in the telephone industry. The cell phone resembled the mystic Razr who folded in half in 2004.

A report of The Wall Street Journal Published a few weeks ago said that Lenovo use the Razr brand for the launch of this folding device. The Journal He said the phone will be announced in February and as a Verizon exclusive with a price of US $ 1,500. Unless Motorola makes an announcement in the twilight of the second month, it seems that the Journal is forecasting the launch erroneously.

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