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Lava sells these beautiful fluorescent phones in India, give me two!

Lava sells these beautiful fluorescent phones in India, give me two!

It is not easy stand out in the mobile phone industry these days, even less with basic terminals that usually pass without grief or glory for a voracious and highly volatile market who usually eats who sleeps.

However, it is possible that Nokia found that niche market where nobody expected a win but where finally there is business, and that is that the feature phones it seems to work if we appeal to nostalgia with very cheap prices, which is where the “mini” versions of old game consoles such as the NES Mini have also achieved great success.

And if the Nordic firm, now recovered thanks to HMD Global, has triumphed with its Nokia 3310 4G and the reissue of its popular Matrix Phone, the Nokia 8110, why they weren't going to try other brands like india lava with these new feature phones What did FoneArena present to us?

Lava sells these beautiful fluorescent phones in India, give me two!

Lava A1 Colors, the feature phone fluorescent that you can't stop looking at

In fact, Lava has picked up the glove very well, presenting its new Lava A1 Colors in the wake of Banana Phone from Nokia with basic possibilities, very contained price and polycarbonate housings with some attractive fluorescent colors.

Not only that, and its design is visually beautiful, Classic, colorful, with T9 physical keyboard and back details next to a camera without LED flash, mixing the black tone very well the final appearance.

This is really a special edition focused on its resistance, with instant access to the flashlight, automatic call recording and much more, which highlights an 800 mAh lithium-ion battery that promises life of up to 3 days in use in a basic cutting hardware.

The screen is of type TFT and has 1.8 inches diagonally with a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels, the chipset has not transcended nor has memory, but we know that the camera is 0.3 megapixels With support for contact images, icons, calculator, calendar, stopwatch and alarms.

Its price is wildly attractive, and it costs only 999 Indian rupees, something like 11.95 euros at the current exchange rate, and is available in blue, green and magenta colors with fluorescent tones and replacement warranty during the first year in physical stores in India.

Lava sells these beautiful fluorescent phones in India, give me two!

The Nokia guys work feature phoneswhy not exploit it anymore?

Far from its usefulness, obviously in our markets they only serve as secondary terminals, nobody escapes that having a mobile for 12 euros fully functional is something interesting, at least for calls and short messages, when we travel to another country or to take to work or play sports in certain situations.

Appeal also to that nostalgia has worked for Nokia, which already explores the possibility of recovering the popular XpressMusic after introducing ourselves to the Nokia 110, Nokia 800 and Nokia 2720, and we all like that return to the past if they provide it with attractive prices.

In any case, it is likely that from here to the near future let's keep seeing new ones appear feature phones focused on certain markets where they make sense, or focused on specifications such as music reproduction to simplify and do better what they want to do well.

And we like the variety, which is where the interesting thing is, although we certainly only use them as secondary terminals. At least, these cost 12 euros and not the whopping 399 euros the Palm costs. Do you like these Lava A1 Colors? Do you see them useful?

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