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It is fast and very complete

There is a wide variety of browsers for Android that are based on Chromium. Something not always too good due to the restrictions that Google has implemented: third-party browsers do not include synchronization between devices or data saving mode.

Well, if Google gives you lemons … make a browser that incorporates new options. And with these intentions comes Kiwi Browser, a browser that combines a minimalist style, speed and privacy for the user. Do you want to know more? We start!

Kiwi Browser

What does this browser offer us compared to others? The first thing we get are the latest news of the Canary version from Google Chrome. But this browser is not only in that detail, but offers users some additions that make it unique.

Kiwi Browser comes with the latest news from Google Chromium

The background playback It is one of those options; being able to reproduce the content of websites like YouTube or Vimeo. It also includes a ad blocker and pop-ups, a very useful option according to the web.

Although there is a detail about the ad blocker that we did not like too much: it is always on and we have no option to configure it. An option that would be appreciated to have to better fit all types of users.

Dark mode, several blockers, we have great options

Now we come to one of the characteristics that Kiwi Browser shines with its own light. In the last months you will have read to the full about the cryptocurrency mining and the new GDPR law (Yes, that huge banner that appears on the websites for a few weeks). This browser handles both elements, transparently to the user.

Kiwi Browser protects us from the cryptocurrency mining that is hidden in some websites

There are two other very interesting developments, although they need some improvements. The first is the night mode, which gives us the option to view the entire web in this mode (we don't always get a satisfactory view). The other novelty is the possibility of discard AMP mode of some websites, so we can enjoy the websites in all their splendor.

The developers are working on a data saver mode substitute due to restrictions on third-party browsers that use Chromium. A few simple details that make this browser a serious candidate to be tested and follow its evolution.