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Huawei Mate X vs. Galaxy Fold: What is better? – Video

Already different companies that presented their undeniable phones and undoubtedly one of the most interesting are the Samsung galaxy jug led OMX.
We are going to collect some of the different ones that we know today to know what could be better.
These devices seek to offer exactly the same just a little different.
The first thing is that they are cells that become tablets but while the twenty that integrates only one screen that folds out to offer two more use screens.
The galaxy poll has two screens one which is flexible like the MX but bends inwards.
The other screen of regular and is the external part.
The screen the goal that is eight inches and in cellular form is transformed into six points six and six points thirty-eight inches the screens of the seven-point three-inch and four fifty-eight-inch pockets.
The two that will not install that what allows them to fold is allowed to be folded completely flat regardless of where they met on cell phones they are generated a brand that seems permanent at least today. So the screen is not totally there.
On the other hand, the trade union participant has six chambers and the twenty x chambers are always currently chambers but it is expected to be four when available.
This is key because this implementation allows the doctor of mobile tablet to offer only screen while the galaxy with has an eyebrow class in the tubs in tablet mode.
And practically no matter how you use the cell phone you find a front camera something that you do not find in the goal is something interesting that the MX cameras are based on the cameras of the P thirty while those of the football are based on the galaxy cameras are given .
That said, the MX has confirmed for the moment a camera of forty megapixels, a wide angle of sixteen megapixels and another of eight megapixels. The fourth is totally mystery right now.
For its part, the galaxy poll in the two megapixel camera with variable aperture of one point five and two point four.
A wide angle of sixteen megapixels and a two two megapixel phone. Like one on the outside of the cell phone that is ten megapixels and two front in tablet mode of eight and eight megapixels although the second is to dictate the depth.
As for design, I considered that at this moment the twenty must look better but in the back the dust feels more elegant and more finished.
The two phones have five hundred gigabytes of storage port Judge Betty Porsche to charge and fingerprint reader integrated directly into the descended button.
Football is eight-eight while in Mexico there are eight gigabytes Rom but if you talk about Juan you have a battery of four thousand five hundred miles fairs hours in the four thousand three hundred thousand empires hour to communicate with which it could mean an important advantage.
Another difference is the Samsung phone has a processor is notable eight hundred fifty-five.
While the twenty-three protesting in nineteen eighty although the two are seven gan meters and eight cores for sales among them for example what we have seen hotels names eighteen fifty-five boats of better performance in graphic aspect .
While the other can offer a better performance in the general aspect, however, the difference is large enough to be able to choose one and four only from that perspective.
The twelve hours impute to Uruguay with the personalized interface the companies that are not necessarily to everyone's taste.
However Samsung allows to run up to three applications in an active way alavs while Juan Huerta only allows to run two active applications at the same time.
However, one of the advantages of MX is that offering connectivity to networks without pick-up can expand its storage although this will be with the appropriate specialized card hollow at best and has double card slot without but only one of them is compatible with five .
The galaxy dot offers four GLTD connectivity can be wirelessly charged, it has a reversible charge to charge other devices in the same way and be available in four colors, not just one here we cannot declare a winner because the devices are not yet available and still have the The interesting thing is that we already know some benefits that one flights has.