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HTC One M8S the new version of HTC One M8

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<p style=It’s been almost a month since Mobile World Congress 2015 opened its doors in Barcelona and where we could see magnificent phones like the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. In some cases, the experience we had was a bit disappointing, as it was with the new top of the range of HTC, with its HTC One M9. But today, HTC surprises us with a new device, a evolution of its previous flagship and this is the HTC One M8S.

Why does HTC evolve from a previous terminal? Well, it’s very simple, for correct some mistakes they made with that terminal and to reintroduce it into the current market with benefits more in line with what we see today. The main changes we found in this HTC One M8S are the following:

  • Disappearance of the duo camera.
  • Replacing the 4-megapixel rear camera with ultra-pixel technology with one 13 megapxele cameraYes, with a sensor that we still don’t know.
  • The 5-inch screen with LCD3 panel in 1080p resolution is maintained. Hopefully they don’t make the mistake they made with the HTC One M9.
  • The processor changes from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octacore at 1.7 GHz.
  • Reduction of internal storage from 32 GB to 16 GB expandable through MicroSD.
  • It keeps both its 2 GB of RAM and the double Boom Sound speakers.
  • The battery increases from 2600 mAh to 2840 mAh, something that is appreciated considering that one of the biggest failures of this terminal was its autonomy.

In the image you see in this article you will be watching the HTC One M8, since HTC hasn’t shown any images of its new HTC One M8S. This device begin to be marketed in the United Kingdom at the price of379.99 pounds, which in return are about 523 euros. We hope that the final starting price is not this since paying so much money for a mid-high-end phone is a barbarity.

What do you think of HTC’s new bet for the current market?