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How to activate the dark mode and put the iPhone completely black

ios 13 dark mode vs light mode

Thanks to iOS 13 a new dark theme has come to our devices that is compatible with all iPhone models that can use iOS 13. That new mode change the background of the different iPhone settings from white to black and, in addition, it is already compatible with numerous applications.

Applications that are compatible with iOS 13 dark mode, such as Instagram, Twitter and, very soon WhatsApp, will change to dark tones automatically when the black iPhone theme is activated. However, you probably don't know how to do it, so we are going to show you the different options you have to activate the dark mode of iOS 13.

The four ways to activate the dark mode on the iPhone

To activate the dark mode and use black tones on the iPhone instead of white colors We have three different options, we will explain in detail how to do it in each of them.

From the Settings

The first option to activate the dark mode on the iPhone is from Device Settings, where we will also find very interesting settings for this black theme.

  • We open the Application Settings of our iPhone and click on Screen and Brightness.
  • The first thing we find is the setting to activate the light tone or dark tone.
  • By clicking on these options change mode.
  • Just below you have an option to activate the dark mode automatically At any time you like, normally dark mode is usually used when there is less light.

dark mode settings

From the Control Center

In the Control center We have shortcuts to numerous fast iPhone settings such as Wi-Fi, volume or brightness, and we can also enable or disable iPhone's dark mode.

  • We open the Control center: On an iPhone with Face ID sliding down from the upper right corner and on an iPhone with Touch ID sliding from the bottom of the screen up.
  • Now press and hold the bar that adjusts the brightness With a sun drawn.
  • Bottom left, see a button that when pressed activate the dark mode.
  • To deactivate it you just have to press again.

dark mode control center

From a new button in the Control Center

But from the Control Center there is also another way to activate iPhone black mode much faster, we just have to activate the button to make it appear.

  • We open Settings and then click on Control center.
  • Click on Customize controls and we locate the one of Dark mode.
  • Click on the "+" And we add it.
  • Now when we slide the Control Center This button will appear to quickly activate and deactivate the dark mode.

dark mode control center 2

From Siri

This is a really fast option, we can activate the dark mode or deactivate it without touching the iPhone thanks to Siri. You just have to tell the assistant to activate the mode or the dark aspect and this will be activated, in the same way you can ask it to activate the mode or clear aspect to deactivate it.

As you can see Activating the dark mode on the iPhone is very simple and there are numerous ways to achieve it, although it is true that it is best to program it to forget about problems.