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Get into unknown terrain with these indie games

There are video game developers looking to do something personal, a deep game where reward history before graphic quality. There are many such titles, and in the world of technology they are known as indies games. These creations correspond to independent video games that they don't have the monetary support of a big company, but they are named after many, many hours of development.

This practice is very present on consoles and PC (in fact, Steam has its own section for new developers); Of course, Google Play it was not going to be less, and for some time it has hosted some very interesting indie titles among all its games. Since it is likely that no name sounds to you, we have decided to organize them with titles that summarize in a few words what the games are about.

Here we are going to compile a series of games that we can download from Google Play and that are not as well known as Monument Valley or Limbo. But that doesn't mean they deserve to be known and played, right?

Renowned PC games

After a strong reception on PC, the developer of the two games that we highlight below has chosen to take these titles to Google Play. Independent games that have triumphed by their way of capturing history.

Her story

In Her story, you are a detective who has to analyze a case through videos made to a girl. Your expressions, your words and your way of responding will be your tool to solve the case.

This War of Mine

On the other hand, This War of Mine will test you by managing a shelter. You will have to feed and maintain a stable standard of living inside the shelter, send people to explore and others. Something β€˜similar’ to Fallout Shelter but taken to the extreme.

Games with a strong story

If I like something about independent games, it's how careful its story is. There are games that are extremely easy because what he intends to tell you is a story through images. Well, these two games do it and very well.

I am a brave knight

I am a brave knight tells you the story of a man and everything he has to face in his life. An emotional story that pretends to reflect who plays it. Yes, the aesthetic is very similar to Thomas was alone, but that doesn't matter.

The End of the World

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<p>Very simple mechanics and slowness will make you feel like the protagonist of this game. A man who stays<strong> only after the end of a relationship with his love</strong> and that shows how hard something like that can be. A deep game and we do not recommend if you have recently left it with your partner.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Games that convey the feeling of survival

Independent games also know how to get along with feeling of vulnerability when playing. Titles where you have to go through a story surviving and transmitting that feeling to the player. For example, in Google Play, we have Survive.

In Survive we will have to choose what we spend our time and energy on. Find water or food, create a shelter before making the fire or vice versa. Everything will be based on decisions that will keep you alive or not.

A Ride in the Mountains

On the other hand, A Ride in the Mountains It has the survival factor but in another way. We have a story that is told in the form of levels. We will be a young man with a bow mounted on a horse that will have to move forward and end the evil force that has taken over the mountain and its relic.

Hyperburner, vertigo flying at full speed

There is room in this compilation also for speed games. Interestingly, independent games often carry out the vertigo experience that gives you high speeds. An example is Super Hexagon or PC titles like Barrier X.

Well, in Android we also have a very interesting game as it is Hyperburner. Get under the control of a ship and fly at full speed avoiding the obstacles that get in your way to get the highest score possible.

History, simple mechanics and minimalist aesthetics


We finish this compilation with a title that encompasses many of the strengths of an indie game. Superbrothers Swords & Sorcery commitment to bring us a careful history through a pixel aesthetic and simple game mechanics.

You will have a sword with which to face the enemies and spells to advance in history solving the mysteries that occur in that kingdom.

The love we find in each Indie title, something difficult to express

Personally I consider myself a regular PC player. I love to try all the new titles that are released to the market. Of course, I am impressed with games like The Witcher 3 and Battlefield 1 for the graphic quality they have. But I feel a special devotion to Indie titles as Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, Inside, Ori and the Blind Forest And a long etcetera. Games that show something else. As a small group of people, and even one, is able to make a game that reaches the bottom of our heart and moves us.

That's what I miss in triple A games. Love, care and care. A strong story that engages and makes us feel inside the video game. Luckily, when I need that feeling, I have good games to turn to. Not only on PC, but on Android too.

We encourage you to leave other independent titles that you liked in the comments.