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Gadgest for a traveler | Tecnocat

We take on the task of sharing three products that will be very useful for any experienced or inexperienced traveler that will be very useful during your journey

The First Gadget that I want to recommend is essential to put our electronic devices to charge, so it is important to consult before making a long or distant trip, it is what type of plug they have in the country or passes that you are going to visit . It is important to opt for a universal power adapter, as it will take us out of trouble when charging our electronic items.

I recommend a price quality adapter that is very useful and that is multifunctional for any region. This universal adapter provides you with different connection options to use your equipment almost anywhere in the world.

It has 4 retractable pins that are used as follows:

For America, two flat spikes For Europe, 2 round spikes For the United Kingdom, 2 rectangular spikes and one central For Australia, 2 flat spikes diagonally

It has the capacity to receive a power supply from 127 Vac to 250 Vac to be able to adapt to the different energy supplies in the world, with a current load of up to 10 Amps.


Another gadget that is of utmost importance and that will help us document our experience during a trip, is to contemplate an action camera or known as a sports camera, that the truth is super useful and discreet to be able to record and take photos of our trip. It is worth mentioning that of this type of cameras we will find countless brands and models as well as both affordable and high prices.

We want to recommend a cost and benefits camera from the steren brand the cam 500 models that thanks to its Wi-Fi connection you can link it with your smartphone or tablet and control the recording from your mobile device. In addition, it has a wide lens that records in high definition FULL HD 1080p and takes photos of up to 12 MP.

Its size is compact and it has controls to navigate in the mens, micro HDMI output to connect it to a screen, internal rechargeable battery and micro SD memory slot of up to 32 GB.

It includes a hermetic seal housing and various accessories to fix it on your helmet, motorcycle, surfboard, windshield or any surface, and so you can record yourself doing your favorite extreme sport.

"steren "steren

Purchase Link steren cam500

The last product that is not very unusual but very useful to take care of our domestic appliances when connecting to power in another region, is a voltage converter of 110 to 220 Vac and 220 to 110 Vac by means of selector, its power is of 50 Watts, so you can use it in household appliances

"voltage "voltage


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