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Flip Diving, the water jumping game that is sweeping

Flip Diving, the water jumping game that is sweeping

He came earlier this week at # 1 of Google Play ahead of WhatsApp, Messenger or Pokémon GO. This milestone within reach of very few apps or games is the one that has achieved Flip Diving, a game that consists mainly of jumping into the water and flipping backwards or forwards.

The mechanics of the game is very simple but the graphics, physics and the wide variety of characters, platforms (more than 50) and trampolines have turned Flip Diving is one of the games of the moment. We have been testing it and the truth is that it hooks.

Pressing on the jumper we will turn but we must fall well and dodge the rocks. As we make good jumps we go up and change trampoline and also earn coins.

Here is the trick since many of the options will be unlocked from coins That can be bought with real money. The options are mainly new characters and tickets; from a bodybuilder, a businessman and even a guy dressed as a penguin. All with their different skills and animations.

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<p>Another of Flip Diving's arguments for being so successful is the <strong>sound</strong>, since it has a very entertaining and entertaining music.</p>

<p>The game is starting to succeed among Youtubers as it allows (with coins) <strong>record jumps and share them</strong> with friends. A classic to see how the jumper is stamped and everyone makes faces of pain.</p>
<p>If you want to try it you can <strong>download free from Google Play</strong> where it already has more than 5 million downloads, although we also have it in web version.</p>
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