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Find sustainable transport in Madrid with the new EMT application

Getting around the city of Madrid is complicated even for Madrid people. In private vehicle it becomes almost impossible; hence the most logical (and responsible) thing is use public transport. And if you add a complete application that informs you of all nearby vehicles then better than better: that's what he proposes MaaS Madrid.

The new application of the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid, the EMT, is a complete map that shows all the sustainable vehicles nearby. Apart from the bus and metro stops, it also locates taxis, BiciMad stations, OFO free bicycles… All within a single app so you don't have to check the availability of the different vehicles in your respective company.

Find the near sustainable vehicle among 9 different mobility operators

Find sustainable transport in Madrid with the new EMT application

The most useful of MaaS Madrid It offers all the information available on the same map. In this way you will know if there is availability of a specific transport near where you are or where you are going. This is useful because, instead of opening the application of OFO, Car2Go, ECooltra … you can choose the vehicle from MaaS and then continue the reservation in the relevant application.

Find sustainable transport in Madrid with the new EMT application

The use of the application has no greater mystery. A Google map in which the different sustainable transports will appear. MaaS Madrid offers availability of:

  • Commuter stops.
  • EMT bus stops.
  • Subway stations.
  • BiciMAD stations.
  • Taxis
  • Car2Go cars.
  • ECooltra electric motorcycles.
  • Muving electric motorcycles.
  • OFO bicycles.

You should keep in mind that MaaS Madrid only works at an informational level: It will not offer you the reservation or tell you how to do it since the application will send you to the service app so that you can complete the process there. Even so, and although at all times you will need specific applications, with MaaS you will know the availability of all nearby sustainable vehicles. This is very convenient to compare between similar services, such as ECooltra and Muving, for example.

Find sustainable transport in Madrid with the new EMT application

Apart from the location of the vehicles on the map you can also filter by operators so that you get results only from your favorites. And you will have a guided system accessible so you can walk to the vehicles you have chosen. With another detail: a air quality meter in Madrid, is the green icon that is in the upper area of ​​the app.

You can download the application from MaaS Madrid for Android by clicking on the following link. And one last point: if you sign up for the app (it's free) you will get points and help improve transportation in the city.