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Huawei AppGallery: developers will get 90% of their profits

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The situation of United States trade block to Huawei has forced the Chinese company to accelerate the development of your own software alternatives, which allow them minimize your dependence of developments from the North American country. Among its alternative developments, Huawei has AppGallery, his own app store. Today's Huawei platform is the third largest app store in the world, Although it is practically new. The manufacturer has been trying attract developers so that they create applications for their platform with remarkable incentives and attractive conditions. The last great movement of the company to accelerate this process is in the revenue sharing formula.AppGallery allow developers Get up to 90% of the money earned with your applications.

New preferential cast formula in Huawei AppGallery

Huawei calls this the percentage of participation in the preferential policy income. The policy has a validity of 24 months, and enters into force from the moment the developers accept the agreement, but this must be done before June 30 of this year 2020. For those who have previously signed the AppGallery Joint Operations Service Agreement, the preferential policy is effective the first day of the next month after it has been done. For those who have not signed the AppGallery Joint Operations Service Agreement, the preferential policy begins the same month. Both categories of developers have until June 2020 to benefit from the preferential policy and receive 90% of the benefits generated by their applications.

Comparison with other app stores

Having this information at hand, we can make a comparison with other app platforms. Google for example adopt a 30/70 share ratio between them and their developers. This is the same revenue division that Apple applies to the developers in your App Store. Last year, Epic Games refused to put Fortnite in the Google Play Store. The game developer studio said that 30% that Google gets from sales It is a very high rate high since "70% of the developer also covers the cost of developing, operating and supporting the game."

Epic Games by his part has launched his own game store. In this one, the developers are left with 88% of your earnings, and the store gets 12% of sales.

Now we just have to wait to see if this new preferential profit sharing policy serves as the definitive impulse for the AppGallery application store to reach the level of its direct competitor, the Google Play Store.


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