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Check if you can watch HD content on Netflix and other services

If you are one of the people who make use of streaming services likeNetflix, Google Play MoviesorAmazonPrime Videoand you have a smartphone with a screenHDYou might think that for this simple fact what you see on these platforms and you pay to watch HD content or higher resolution, you are really enjoying it, but unfortunately it may not be so.

All this originates from the policy generated by the failures of the OnePlus 5T and in which a user has manifested itself by a problem that has gone unnoticed, since theOnePlus 5T cannot watch HD content on services like Netflix, something that does not happen on YouTube, where the quality of the content can be appreciated at the maximum resolution available.

The Widevine level is checked in Security Level, with L1 being the desired level

This problem comes at the rate ofcodecs, because in the case of OnePlus, these phones only have theGoogle Widevine Level 3, which only allows the reproduction in SD quality, being the most common thing that mobile phones have theWidevine Level 1 DRM, which is necessary to play content and HD and is Google who has the license of these codecs but distributes them for free, something that does not become an excuse for manufacturers to implement them on their smartphones. In this way if you want to check the level of Widevine in your mobile you can do it with the help of the applicationDRM Infoavailable for free in the PlayStore.

Does your smartphone support HD content in streaming services? Leave us your comments

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