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Artificial intelligence: from Kasparov to Sedol, two ways to face defeat at the machines

Garry Kasparov faces Deep Blue in the legendary chess games Source: Reuters

A frightening milestone in the history of mankind. "As value Kasparov su

defeat against Deep Blue

. And that had not yet happened. He said this before in a meeting with several journalists who attended EL PAS. He also stated that he was convinced that this dreadful victory will occur at some point. "What I try is to postpone it as much as possible." A few days later, on May 11, 1997, I lost. And I adjusted it regularly.

First accuse


 , responsible for the intelligence of the rival machine, of cheating:

"Deep Blue showed signs of intelligence

and made decisions that human beings made by intuition. "Then he refused to admit failure." Let no one interpret this as a definitive defeat of man before the machine. The competition has only just begun. "In fact, Leontxo Garca, who was there covering the duel for EL PAS, attributes what happened in the end to the" nervous system "of the genius." The mistake I made was not typical of a teacher of chess, "recalls the expert, who also rules out that IBM cheated.

However, defeat ended up penetrating the collective imaginary as the beginning of the end. Since then, defeat by defeat, we have been adjusting our expectations about the games that artificial intelligence can win and those that are not within reach. Kasparov has already assumed the part that touches him of the "awful milestone". More than twenty years later,

in an interview with Wired,

 He recalled that day in these terms: "I have made peace with the subject. In the end, the game was not a curse but a blessing because I was part of something very important. 22 years ago I would have thought something different, but things happen. We all make mistakes. We lose. And the important thing is how we deal with our failures, with negative experiences. " Now Kasparov looks at inhuman intelligence with other eyes. "1997 was an unpleasant experience, but it helped me understand the

future of human-machine collaboration


The other face

AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol three times, but the specialty champion managed to beat the Google system in the fourth of the five agreed matches

AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol three times, but the champion of the specialty managed to beat the Google system in the fourth of the five agreed matches

This change in perspective has taken more than 20 years to arrive but contrasts with the position of

Lee Sedol

, whoever it was

Go world champion

. In 2016, the Korean lost against artificial intelligence developed by


(Google) to master this strategy game,


. And three years later he got off the professional Go lite, unable to overcome his failure at the algorithm. "With the debut of artificial intelligence in Go games I have realized that I am not at the top, although I try to be number one through frantic efforts," he conceded to the Yonhap news agency.