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Arrives in Mexico RED Hydrogen One with holographic screen

We were present at a launch of the utmost importance for mobile device lovers as important for Mexico. We are talking about a terminal that rumors have been handled before and of course it has caused a lot of controversy especially for the manufacturer and more for the exclusive thing that makes it. RED is a high-profile film camera company and of course high quality.

RED was given the task of making its own mobile device that has many attachments that make it unique and unique. RED HYDROGEN ONE, is a terminal that has great finishes and more than a holographic screen with 4-View technology that allows different angles to see a 3D image or video without the need to carry some additional hadware, only with which the device counts.

This terminal offers us a very own design of the manufacturer and even exclusive but also breaks stereotypes currently in the market of mobile devices, made of aluminum and also in titanium makes it a heavy and very resistant mobile, on the part of ergonomics it is something robust and large for the palm of the hand, we are facing a real monster. The terminal offers us magnetic pins in the back that allow us to add modules that we will see next year.

Within its novelties of Red Hydrogen One it has a great audio, as well as a maximum use of energy, they are elements that accompany this device, by integrating the A3D patent technology, which offers a multidimensional and enveloping sound that makes it totally and immersive

"Hydrogen "Hydrogen

Hydrogen One is a mobile that offers a holographic screen QHD + in size of 5.7 inches with standard format that allows us to explore the holographic applications 4-View, exclusive of HYDROGEN. There is content to watch, games and applications for download, all in H4V

From the heart of this terminal, it carries with it Snapdragon 835 processor accompanied by 6Gb in Ram along with 128 GB of internal storage and a huge battery of 4,500 mAh.

RED is a company dedicated to cameras, since Hydrogen One carries with it 8Mp and 12Mp front stereo cameras, which allows it to create its own 3D content both in images and video and in selfies. Augmented Reality (AR): HYDROGEN One is enabled for ARCore, so you can try new AR experiences that transform the way you play, shop, learn, create and experience the world together.

Finally, RED Hydrogen One is priced at $ 27,999MXN in Telcel's Amigo Kit and you can take it from $ 1866 pesos in the Telcel Max 6000 Platinum Plan.

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