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Apple confirms the purchase of Shazam

The company of the bitten apple,Manzana, has confirmed the purchase of the serviceShazam, the well-known application for the recognition of songs, and behind that acquisition a large sum of money is rumored, which some sources exceed the$ 400 million dollars.

As we will remember if we have ever used Shazam, itallows to identify any songthat is being reproduced, whether it is a movie or an advertisement, and said recognition is done quickly, so that it identifies the songs in a few seconds, in addition to the application being able to add the identified songs to streaming music services such as It's Spotify

We are delighted that Shazam and his talented team join Apple. Today it is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, on multiple platforms. Apple Music and Shazam fit perfectly, sharing the passion to discover new music and to offer great musical experiences to our users

In other words, Apple now increase the possibilities of Apple Music, to achieve a larger market than its rival Spotify, because it has30 million usersApple's service against60 million usersSpotify account.

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