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A spectacular scattering effect for your photos with this free app

Since Instagram became popular we have seen that the photographic edition has become quite simple. Applying a filter or removing an impurity is part of the daily ritual of thousands of teenagers and not so teenagers.

But if we want to go beyond the color changes or the more conventional edition we will need other tools.

One of the most useful is Picsart, which in one of its latest updates has incorporated a dispersion filter that has a quite spectacular effect on our photographs.

Once we have installed the application we must click on the + button from the bottom bar, the center one. A pop up will open with four new options. In that we must select Edit.

We choose the image we want to edit and click on the tools option, which is the second of the lower bar that appears when we open the photo.

There we select Dispersion and when we do we will have to draw the area to be decomposed, with a mask which will be shown in translucent red. In the bottom bar we choose the size of the triangles that will arise from the dispersion.

Once we have selected it, click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner.

Now we can modify the size of the triangles again, the address, the transparency of the original image and the mode of fusion, although we recommend that you leave these last two parameters as they come standard.

If we click on the arrow again, we will finish the edition and we will be able to jump to the sharing window, by clicking on the white arrow in the upper right corner.

There we can share the image or simply save it. If before doing so, click on the icon GIF we will see how a two-step animation is created that we can also store or send.

The application is free although it has ads. If we are going to use it a lot, it may be worth paying for having the version with all the options and without advertising.