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10 Fingers, an Educational App for iPad with which to Learn the Numbers

10 fingers for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini

On many occasions we believe that children can only play when they have an iPad in front, but in the App Store there are many educational applications with which the little ones can learn. In most cases and due to the age of the children, it is necessary that they also have fun. If you are looking for an application, you can try 10 fingers. An application that teaches numbers in an appropriate and fun way.

10 fingers, besides, it's completely safe, without in-app purchases or anything similar that muddles the making of children. One of the most important things is that the little ones can interact with total ease when they are placed in front of the iPad and this application far exceeds this premise. Do you dare to try it? We found it lovely!

Interface design

10 fingers is a very simple application, as soon as you download and open it for the first time you discover that in its simplicity is the key. The app is designed for children aged between 3 and 6 years and after trying it with a girl of 3 we can ensure that they love it. Play and learn by listening a voice that counts the fingers that the child has put on the iPad screen It is really fantastic.

The background helps, of course and with a design similar to that of a sketchpad. The shapes and objects that appear are easy for the little ones to understand: snails, ladybugs, butterflies, frogs, carrots and many more different ones.

It also offers different languages ??and you can choose the one you want at any time. Learn the numbers in English!

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<h3>How to play 10 fingers?</h3>
<p>10 fingers offers three different types of play and learning for children. In any of the three, the most important thing is for the child to become familiar with the numbers, the numbers and learn to have complete ease. In addition, you can start doing your first sums in a simple and always playing way. <strong>In any of the three modes there are two types of game: free or challenge</strong>.</p>
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<h3>What we liked most about 10 fingers</h3>
<li>How good it is for children to learn with the app.</li>
<li>The one that is able to give the figure of the fingers that the child has on the screen.</li>
<h3>The least we liked about 10 fingers</h3>
<li>We miss levels for children a little older, it could be a very useful app for them to learn to do more advanced addition or subtraction.</li>
<h3>Download 10 fingers for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini</h3>