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Will the Nokia X6 have international version Nokia 5.1 Plus?

Will the Nokia X6 have international version Nokia 5.1 Plus?

Nokia presented a few days ago its new mid-range smartphones for the international market. The Nokia 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1 added to the portfolio without including notable developments and that is that the approach was clear: good mobiles, good features and good price.

Also recently the Nokia X6 has been presented, a smartphone designed for Asia which was not commented at any time whether or not there would be an international version. An heir of the model with Symbian of the same name but who only had that in common, the nomenclature.

In the last hours some documents have been leaked confirming that there will be a worldwide model of this terminal, that this model would be put up for sale in other markets. The original code is TA-1099 while the one that has been leaked in the Taiwan electronic products certification office has the code TA-1103. The similarity is obvious.

What if the international X6 was the rumored Nokia 5.1 Plus?

However, this is not the only rumor about the new Nokia that have leaked in recent hours. Onleaks has obtained the manufacturing plans of some of the parts of an unannounced Nokia model, the Nokia 5.1 Plus, a more powerful variant than recently introduced.

This model looks a lot like the Nokia X6 although in the renders it has the biggest notch. These renders are not official, so we could face a model that, aesthetically, was almost nailed to the Nokia X6.

In the video that Onleaks and Tigermobiles have recreated, we see how the aesthetics of the model is very similar to that of the Nokia X6.

We could be talking about two different models, very similar, and perhaps designed for different markets, but as we say we could also be talking about the same model, that the Chinese Nokia X6 was marketed outside the country as Nokia 5.1 Plus, so as not to increase the portfolio of Nokia catalog names.