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Why I think you should install a dashcam in your car

That morning was especially fra, so I took it easy; It was the second day of a trip for work and after finishing the coffee in the hotel, I headed for the vast Castilian plains in the heart of Spain towards my next meeting. The regional road (with two-way traffic) was clear, but in front of me I came across two trucks running in my direction; I looked towards the front lane and after checking that it was clear, I signaled and started the overtaking maneuver. From this moment everything happened very fast or in slow motion, but after starting the overtaking, I saw how the first road began to zigzag and I saw the driver's face looking at me in his rearview mirror. Despite seeing my maneuver, the road fell on and proceeded to move forward. Imagine the following: dry braking and fortunately I was able to rectify the trajectory and stop to recover from the scare.

It was so serious the event (s, sure that something similar would have happened to you on occasion) that you called the emergency telephone number with the registration number of that annotated road, not so much to denounce you, but to avoid causing more accidents. The question on the other side of the line was decisive: Do you have witnesses? It was at that moment when I understood the importance of dashcams (video cameras for the car) and ran to buy one on Amazon. My first surprise was to discover that they were much more popular (in Spain) than I suspected.

How a dashcam works

Tesla Model 3

After investigating several models investigating in the opt cameras for a model that has WiFi connection Why? Because in this way, in case you need to recover a sequence, it is not necessary to take out the card, but you can obtain it through the phone app. For those who do not know this type of cameras, these are quite compact sized devices that are placed on the windshield by means of adapters with suction cup and that must be fed with the lighter socket.

The advantage of these cameras is that, once installed and configured, they work autonomously: when starting the car, they start up by themselves and start recording endless (in loop, eliminating the oldest shots), recording very clearly everything that happens. Another advantage is that these cameras have motion sensors, so if someone hits it while it is parked, the camera will start recording.

What is it really like to drive with a dashcam?

The truth is that these cameras are located, at least in Spain and the European Union, in a strange legal limbo on horseback between privacy and personal security. This is, in the beginning, it will not be legal in this country to equip your car with a camera and record everything that happens, or being stricter, subsequently use those recordings. This legal ambiguity may be what is behind the low popularity of these cameras in Spain, although the reality says that in case of an accident, recording is almost always accepted as evidence.

But beyond these nuances, the first thing you feel when driving with this camera is tranquility: something in you knows that everything is being registered and in case of problems, you have that protection. What do I mean? The classic pedestrian who crosses in red and you see him by the hair, or to the vehicle that crosses and can cause an accident. In the event of a disaster, you always have this silver bullet to go to the police or the court.

The disadvantages of using these cameras

Police transit

The first and main one is found as soon as you try to install it: where do I put it? It may seem obvious, but the cars are not designed inside to hold with such a device and once installed, it is always forced to aesthetic effects and with some hanging cable. Paradoxically and despite its low cost, the camera itself can be attractive to the cacos (thieves) and although this is not a problem in Spain, it can be in other markets.

The other major disadvantage of this product lies in the interface and the search for sequences: imagine that you had an event and want to recover the recording; You must first activate the WiFi of the camera, connect it from the phone through the application, and then navigate between a host of sequences until you find the one you are looking for. Hard? Not really, but it's a bit laborious especially if you're in a hurry or you're in a hurry. In these cases, it is perfectly understood why brands like Tesla incorporate a system of cameras that go beyond driving assistance and record everything that happens in a natural and integrated way in the system.

So should I buy a dashcam? Without blunders and hesitations: yes, never regret it. Only because of the confidence it offers when driving compensate the investment. This device is like the seat belt, you wear it and you don't remember that it is there until you have an accident; The same happens with the dashcam: act on your own and you really forget that it is there until you need it.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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