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what happened and how to keep playing

Pokémon GO He doesn't get along with him anymore root. In the last game update (version 0.37), Niantic (under Nintendo's approval) has decided prohibit entry to players with rooted devices (and also, in the case of iOS, it has also banned access to mobile phones with jailbreak). The reason? They are fed up with the traps.

Upgrade: this method no longer works

Google has updated SafetyNet to block root hiding, and the previous method to hide the root no longer works. The new method that DOES work is:

What happened to the root in Pokémon GO

The root in Pokémon GO 0.37

Version 0.37 of Pokémon GO blocks access to players who have a rooted mobile, there is no way to enter the game

If you are still playing version 0.35 of the Pokémon game and have a mobile with root, you will not have noticed any changes in the last hours. But that is not because you got rid of the purge, but because the version that blocks the root is that of Pokémon GO 0.37, a version that at this time has not yet begun to distribute in the Google Play store. But it will, sooner rather than later the update will arrive.

As you can read in the official Niantic note about it, ¬ęrooted or jailbroken devices do not support Pok√©mon GO¬ę. The reason? They summarize it themselves: ¬ęwe remain focused on eliminating bots and game cheats¬ę. Does one thing have to do – root – with the other – the traps in the Nintendo game? Yes, the truth is yes.

Why entry to rooted mobiles has been banned

The fake location hacks in Pokémon GO

Although the latest updates from Pokémon GO they have served to introduce new functions (the one of 0.37 brings the new option of the Pokémon companion, but the previous ones also introduced other options such as the one of the valuations or the change of nick), many of them have also brought small strokes aimed at eliminating the Advantages between players: the blocking of Pokévision or the limitations in the hunt for moving Pokémon are an example of this.

There were still tools that allowed to have advantages in Pokémon GO with root; from there, not even those tools are used to cheat

And there are the shots of this latest update. Although Niantic has managed to limit much of the tools that allowed cheating in the game, Pokémon GO root users still had access to tricks that officially should no longer exist. Look at the case of Fake GPS: it worked perfectly without root until Niantic blocked access to the game's GPS if the development option was activated, and what happened then? That the players realized that having root could continue to simulate a fake location. And Niantic has gotten fed up, hence he decided to cut the problem.

How to play Pokémon GO with root

Pokémon GO running on a rooted mobile

But, as usual in these cases, made the law … cheated. At least until further notice, what the latest version of Pok√©mon GO is to use the same filter as that used by Android Pay to block rooted devices, which at the same time means that there is a way to skip this block. It is not easy, nobody says it is, but beyond not updating to the version of 0.37 is one of the few options you have left if you want to continue playing on your rooted phone.

The method in question consists in resorting to the tool of Magisk. This tool was originally created with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčallowing the Android Pay lock to be surrounded by root, and in this post its creator thoroughly details its operation. What this tool does is, in a nutshell, to give us the possibility to hide the root with a touch on the screen to be able to access the applications with limitations in this regard.

The steps to follow to install this tool can be found in the following video (from the minute 00:55), and we can summarize that they consist of the following steps (yes, before starting you should know that it is necessary that your device has the bootloader unlocked and have a custom recovery type TWRP):

  1. If you have done the root using SuperSU, the first thing you will have to do is unroot the device. To do this, enter the application, go to the ¬ęSettings¬ę, Go down to the¬ęCleanup¬ĽAnd click on¬ęFull unroot¬ę. Say yes to the option to restore the boot and no to the option to restore the factory image.
  2. If you also have Xposed installed, then you must download and run the uninstall file corresponding to your device. The files can be found on the official Xposed page. Then, you will have to install the file in question from the Recovery menu of the phone (the menu accessed by pressing and holding the physical buttons for a few seconds), specifically from the "Wipe cache" options and then "Reboot system" .
  3. And we are nearing the end. Download the Magisk tool from this direct link, install the ZIP file from your flashing tool and, once the installation is finished, restart the system. Then, download this other file and flash it exactly as you have done with the previous one. To finish this step, install the SuperUser application (here it is available on Google Play).
  4. Finally, install the Magisk Manager application from here and you're done. From now on, every time you want to play Pokémon GO you will only have to deactivate the root from this application, and the game will open normally.