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We already have the Sony Xperia Z4 among us

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<p class=We were already beginning to be alarmed with the delay in the arrival of the Sony Xperia Z4, especially after its absence at the Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona. However, today we woke up with news from the other side of the world, specifically from Japan, where today the new flagship of Sony has been presented.

If we compare the Sony Xperia Z with the new Xperia Z4 we can see that the jump from one device to another has been remarkable; However, if we look at its gradual evolution from the first of the saga to the last, We can see how each new Xperia Z is a small renovation of the previous one. And Sony continues with this strategy in the Xperia Z4.

With this, the new Sony Xperia Z4 does not surprise and continues to maintain its continuous design, however, with some specifications to the height and improving, even if it can, the present. The Z4 maintains diagonal screen and resolution with respect to the Z3, but improves processor and dimensions:

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Compared to its predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z4 improves in processor, camera and significantly in its dimensions, the most notable improvement is its thickness, going from 7.4 millimeters in the Z3 to 6.9 in the Z4. And also in its weight. At the expense, as always, of sacrificing in battery, which is reduced from 3,100 mAh to 2930 mAh.

Something that has surprised a lot has been Sony’s commitment to maintain the FullHD resolution on its flagship 2015, after the possibility of mounting a 2K panel and even 4K was rumored. Something that many users will appreciate in this absurd fashion of mounting 2K panels on screens of approximately 5 inches. In this case, Sony is committed to an on-screen technology that surely does not disappoint.

Another great jump could be the camera of the new Sony Xperia Z4, compared to that of the Z3, promising a great improvement over photographs in low light situations thanks to the main camera sensor having an ISO sensitivity of 12800.

What do you think of the new Sony Z4? Being up to the high end of this year?

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