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TikTok: how the new tool works so parents can monitor their children's accounts

The application allows parents to limit or restrict the use of direct messages and the reproduction of inappropriate content in the accounts of the boys who use TikTok Credit: Shutterstock


is the

social network


among the ms


, which use it to create and share the videos created with their smartphones, in addition to being a communication and interaction tool with friends and contacts. And as of now, the popular mobile application have the

Family Safety Mode


Family Safety Mode

), a modality that allows

parents and guardians

to manage and administer some of the functions of the platform. "This feature helps families keep their children safe at TikTok," the company said.

in an official statement



Family Safety Mode

It is activated after making a connection between the TikTok account of the parents and guardians with the profile of the children who use the application. In this way, the system establishes a series of digital welfare functions, which

allows you to limit or restrict the sending of direct messages

in addition to

avoid the reproduction of inappropriate content


In turn, parents may wear a

control of the amount of screen time

that the boys register when they see the contents of the creators that follow. This is complemented by the screen time setting that TikTok had announced a year ago.

"We partner with the most followed creators to raise awareness among their followers about the importance of time spent on TikTok," the company added in its statement.

TikTok is a Chinese application

 that managed to become a global success that transcended its borders. Known as Douyin in the Asian giant, the app created by the firm Bytedance acquired the platform to achieve a reach in the western markets.

With more than 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok also had to overcome criticism about the excessive use of the platform by its users, mostly young people and minors. It was also designated as a service that compromises the security and privacy of users, pointed out by the

governments of India and the United States



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