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The tablets will exceed the game consoles in three years, according to EA


The tablets will exceed the game consoles in three years, according to EA

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February 10, 2015

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As we have commented on numerous occasions, one of the main uses we give to mobile devices, and particularly to tablets It's of to play, which not only means that thanks to them there are more people playing than before (statistics usually indicate an extension of the range of ages and a greater participation of women, for example), but that they are even beginning to “steal” part of their public at game consoles, and it is a trend that could be further accentuated in the coming years, due to the hardware improvements expected in this sector.

Can the tablets be converted into the reference device for the games?

It is no secret that if we look at smartphones and tablets, their technical specifications have improved dramatically in just two or three years and that everything seems to indicate that the pace will be maintained at least in the short term. The fact, however, that Blake Jorgensen, a senior executive of EA, one of the most important companies in the sector of video game, affirm that it expects that in three years the tablets surpass in potential to the game consoles and can withstand more complex and immersive games than those that currently succeed in them, it is still an important wake-up call on the issue. Could we find that in less than 5 years they became the reference gaming device? Of course, if these predictions are fulfilled, it does not seem far-fetched and the EA itself announced a long time ago that its revenues from games for mobile devices already exceeded those generated by games for game consoles.

Nvidia Shield remote

More tablets dedicated to games?

What is not so clear is the form that this evolution will take, if it really takes place, and not only with respect to the marketing model that the video game (and, of course, we mean the rise of titles freemium), but also with respect to the devices themselves. Some experts bet on the rise of tablets specifically designed to improve the gaming experience, in the wake of the Nvidia Shield Tablet, but you can not neglect either that one of the main advantages that tablets and smartphones have had when expanding the public of video game it has been precisely the fact of being devices with more diverse potential uses. As always, in any case, time will give or take away reasons.