The Best Apps to Celebrate Valentine's Day for iPad and iPhone

The Best Apps to Celebrate Valentine's Day for iPad and iPhone

Apps for iPad and iPhone that will help you turn San Valentn into a special day

Today is a special day for many couples. A day of “exaltation” of the love that many people celebrate. The Valentine's Day It has something special and more if it coincides on Friday as happened on this occasion.

Are you going to celebrate this day with your partner? Are you going out to dinner? To spend the night in a hotel maybe? If so, you will surely want to turn the celebration into something very special and The iPad (no matter the model, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 2 … anyone) or iPhone can be a really important help to get it.

We have developed a guide of apps that will help you turn Valentine's Day into something very special and unforgettable.

Do you have an iPad or an iPhone? Are you going to celebrate San Valentin? Do not miss these apps.


This app is transformed several times a year. Its basic function is the same: convert photos to postcards, but the reasons that allow us to use to create the postcards change according to the time in which we are.

Right now you have plenty of options to make postcards with motives for Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day.

In addition to allowing us to take the photo and share from our iPad or iPhone, it is also possible to order and receive it printed on paper.


They say that an image is worth a thousand words, but if that image is accompanied by words it is usually still better.

This is what InstaQuote allows us, text any photo we have on our iPhone. Ideal to put a beautiful message for our partner.

Valentine’s Day Card Maker

Another different option for make valentines cards. It has many options and possibilities to make cards of different types and of course allows you to use the photos that we have stored on our device.

iLoveYou in 50+ Languages!

Give it in more than 50 languages. With this app podrs Learn to say “I love you” in more than 50 languages. Wouldn't it be nice to tell the person that you love "I love you" in so many different languages?

Kitchen Channel

He says that a man is conquered by the stomach, but it cannot be denied, any woman likes that his man knows how to cook. Whether you cook or not, having a good recipe app is very important.

The app of Canal Cocina has more than 21,000 recipes and more than 2,000 videos cooking recipes step by step different dishes. Triumphs for sure!


If your thing is not the kitchen or being at home do not worry, going out to dinner is also a great option. With the Eltenedor app you can find the best restaurant for that romantic couple dinner.