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Team GO Rocket is strengthening the dark Pokmon

Strongest dark pokemon team go rocket

Pokemon Go is an amazing game that keeps getting better month by month, as it continues to receive non-stop updates. Recently you could read the novelties that bring this fabulous game to March, and among them mentioned a topic regarding the dark Pokmon, but without giving more detail.

Now, thanks to the official Pokmon Go blog, we know what Niantic and Nintendo refer to in that news summary. It turns out that Team Go Rocket is up to something, and they are strengthening the dark Pokmon for it.

Dark Pokmon are now stronger thanks to Team Go Rocket

team go rocket giovanni

According to the report published by the developers, there are still no known reasons why Team Go Rocket is making the dark Pokmon stronger. However, they have made known the things that improve in this type of Pokmon after strengthening.

In principle, the dark Pokmon now they will inflict more damage with their quick and charged attacks, although they will also receive more damage when they suffer an attack from an opponent. So, Nintendo has also mentioned that this type of Pokmon now they will need less Stardust and Candy to launch their charged attacks. Yes, the dark Pokmon are becoming true battle tanks.

Not having enough with this, Niantic has also reported that the legendary Pokmon you save from the clutches of Giovanni (leader of Team Go Rocket) will also be more powerful. The latter is quite important, since the legendary ones themselves are very strong, and now they will be true bulldozers.

Add to frustration as a charged attack of the dark Pokmon

Powerful Dark Pokemon Frustration

The developers of Pokmon Go also dropped a couple of extra news on the blog. The first is that the improvements of the dark Pokmon will not only be attack, resistance and defense, but also they will be able to lose the frustrating attack in future updates.

How is this possible? Well, through a patch that allows you to change frustration for another loaded movement, through a MT. However, not yet have let you see the release date of this update, but they have promised to be very soon.

We do not know what the Team Go Rocket is up to, although in future updates you will surely get an answer. Meanwhile, take advantage of this strengthening in your favor, because all the dark Pokmon you manage to take away from them will be more powerful than their standard peers.

Are you ready for the challenge? We hope so, because Mewtwo battleship is waiting for you for a raid battle, as well as many legendary ones waiting to put you at your service.