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'Search my iPhone' to the rescue again, locate the thief and the police arrest him thanks to the Apple app

iPhone XS

Since Apple launched its application ‘Search my iPhone’ there by 2010 the stories of device recovery thanks to it are countless. Recently we saw how the application was used in a police chase in Australia, that is, in this case with tragic consequences.

Today we bring you a new story with the Apple device search app as the protagonist, an application that has been renewed with iOS 13 and that now has a new name and more functions. A woman in the United States has managed to recover her stolen iPhone X and, in addition, has managed to get the police to stop the thief, as the media has shared WKOW.

Stories like these make us check first hand the Apple Search app utility, an application that fortunately comes preinstalled on all devices of the apple, be it an iPhone, an Apple Watch, an iPad or a Mac.

app search

Stopped thanks to ‘Find my iPhone’

The story begins in a bar in the city of Madison located in Wisconsin, there a 21-year-old woman, who has not wanted to identify for possible reprisals, is taking something when she realizes that your iPhone X, your wallet and driving license are no longer.

Shortly after he realized that his card had just been used in a nearby store and approached with a friend. When dealing with the store clerk, he was very kind and showed them the video of the security cameras so that they could identify the thief. They had already put a face on him.

As soon as we entered, the store clerk said: "Yes, I have the video here."

In addition to the video they extracted important information, their iPhone was on since they are at that precise moment. The The mother of the victim tried to locate her daughter's device thanks to the Search application from another iPhone. I managed to locate the device and noticed that the wax of the location was a second-hand mobile storeWill the thief be thinking of selling the device?

search iOS 13

That's what mother and daughter thought and decided to call store. There was attended by the employee Chantal Schroeder, who very kindly listened to the victim who described her device. Shortly after the thief appeared with the white iPhone X of the victim. When he turned it on, Chantal noticed the warning messages that appeared on the screen and stopped him at the store to give the victim time to get there.

It took ten or fifteen minutes to arrive, so it was a bit stressful

Schroeder, the victim and her mother they arrested the man with the help of several passersby until the police arrived. Apparently the thief hit the mother of the victim during this process, but fortunately the police took very little time to arrive and stopped him on the spot. This girl has managed to recover her iPhone X and her things thanks to a recovery mission of the riskiest.