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Rivian features an electric truck and an SUV designed to look good while getting dirty.

Rivian has maintained a relatively low profile since the automotive company with roots in the Midwest was launched in 2009.

Those days are over.

The CEO and founder RJ Scaringe presented two fully electric vehicles this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show that feature some amazing battery ranges, as well as some notable performance and capacity features.

Rivian began the week with a revelation of the R1T, a sturdy electric van with a capacity for 5 passengers. On Tuesday, Scaringe took him to a higher level with the introduction of a fully electric 7-seater SUV.

Rivian is expected to begin production of the pickup and SUV in 2020.

Nuts and bolts

Customers can choose between different battery pack configurations. But at first, Rivian produce vehicles with the highest performance level and the highest range first: a battery pack with a capacity of 180 kilowatt hours that can travel 410 miles on a single charge. A 135 kWh package will also be available at launch. A base model equipped with a 105 kWh battery that reaches more than 250 miles of range to follow in 2021, the company said.

Both vehicles share the same "skateboard" architecture, which places the battery in the middle of the vehicle on the floor. This low and central battery placement, similar to that of Tesla The facility provides that low center of gravity that helps provide stellar driving on winding roads. The high-performance versions of the vehicles will be able to travel from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds and will reach maximum speeds of approximately 125 mph.


The R1T collection has a base price of $ 69,000 before the federal tax credit. The R1S SUV starts at $ 72,500. Customers can reserve vehicles with a $ 1,000 refundable deposit. Both vehicles will be produced at Rivian's manufacturing facilities in Normal, Illinois, in a former Mitsubishi facility.

The vehicles have other features for adventurers, which include the ability to ford up to 3 feet of water, storage containers with lock for gears, a gear tunnel (which you won't want that) and a total four-wheel drive. It is worth delving into the last article.

Rivian's vehicle has two engines by axis. meach motor individually controls the wheel. Iit is do not a Cube charger; these engines They are mounted in the Body and each one sends torque to each wheel for precise control. This particular design is intended to provide high speed agility, particularly on unpaved surfaces.

The tunnel of gears in the road.

He is not a Tesla killer

Do not think of these vehicles as Tesla killers, a term slapped in each new vehicle or electric concept that has debuted in an automatic exhibition in recent years. Instead, Rivian vehicles, with their robust and sophisticated appearance, may end up competing against the Range Rovers of the world.

Rivian really doesn't want to be a Tesla. Instead, the company points to Patagonia. Sweet spot mark.