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New update, Little launcher | Tecnocat

Recently, the beta test of the official launcher of the new Xiaomi devices known as the little phone f1, which enjoyed a new design in the system, was very different from that of other devices.

After being the beta for a certain number of people, Android applications were officially launched to the store with the first version of them offering nothing more and nothing less than the common launcher.

Now, this has been updated with a new version including news which were improvements for various details of what this incredible launcher lacked, one of the problems was for small screen devices and that the icons were too large and even the columns and rows tend to be four, so the customization did not give more.

Now with the new update have been included the news of being able to customize the interface of the home screen as well as changing the size of all the icons and of course a high optimization with any device so that it is executed in the best way.

To download it, you must go to your Android application store and look for it as Launcher Poco which is completely original by the Xiaomi company and has an approximate weight of 38MB so you should consider before installing it.

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