KINGDOM HEARTS Union X and its RPG butt with freemium

KINGDOM HEARTS Union X is the Square Enix action RPG and with which you will be able to use the magical powers of the best-known Disney characters to eliminate dozens of enemies.

A RPG that adds more quality to this saga on Android and of which we have some high quality games. This time they follow the norm, but with the difference of presenting on the screen dozens of enemies that we will eliminate at the stroke of gestures.

Regional comes the saga of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Union X

Square Enix and Disney have joined to go launching this series of games that follow the premise of engaging from the first exchange. Whenever you can enjoy these RPG titles with low-level levels, but in which you will find great technical quality and what is accompanied by good graphics.

Also, if there is something for which we can differentiate this KINGDOM HEARTS Union X It's because of its multiplayer aspect. We say it because you will be able to enjoy cooperative games with up to 6 friends. That is, we talk about a game dedicated to the cooperative online multiplayer so that the fun multiplies exponentially when we play with colleagues.

Another of the attractive points are the Disney characters and we have them as skills. I mean, you can summon the great Donald Duck or at the same Mickey Mouse. The truth that clashes a bit being in a medieval world of role and suddenly appear that Donald Duck with a skill that eliminates dozens of enemies at once.

Cooperative games in KINGDOM HEARTS Union X

We must also have the customization for our avatar and that is another of the attractive points of this new Square Enix game. It is here, and being freemium, where the editor puts all the meat on the grill to animate the games and join players who will daily throw their games; Keep up with Fable Valley for that multiplayer component you can even marry.

According to the feedback received by the players, with a game that has been released regionally Until its global launch, you need to play daily for months to be able to assemble a good team so you can duel against other players in your PvP. It seems to be difficult, if you do not go through the microtransactions make a hole in those games to at least be victorious in some.

If you pass the freemium you have a lots of content updated with events, customizations, new characters and all that allows you to get hooked on a game of this style.

Pure freemium

Kingdom Hearts Union X

And we could almost show KINGDOM HEARTS Union X as one of the greatest examples of what is freemium Today. Play day to be able to make a hole and enjoy more. We make it very clear that anyone who can pull a card will have everything easier. This is the freemium gaming on a mobile; although for that we have premium games of enormous quality like Stardew Valley that was updated to 1.4 days ago.

A undeniable quality game, although his special attention for the freemium can throw even the most painted. We are left with his combat and those curious abilities with which we invoke the most iconic Disney characters; It is quite rare and it is difficult to do it, but it is what is today with these games.

KINGDOM HEARTS Union X takes time regionally, and this time it can already be played by any of this planet. If you are looking to play some games with nothing more than enjoying the moment you can get your thing. If what you are looking for is to professionalize and play daily, you know what is with the freemium. We will see where this saga is in a matter of one or two years.

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