Keep your secrets safe: how to hide apps on iPhone

Keep your secrets safe: how to hide apps on iPhone

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If you usually share your cell phone with friends, family or occasionally show it to acquaintances and have some personal or confidential applications, you may want to know how to hide apps on iPhone from prying eyes. Apple officially offers no formal method for that purpose, but there is a quick and easy solution to achieve it. Do you want to meet her? We explain it step by step.

Applications are the essence of the iPhone. All devices have their own hardware, processor, touch screen, camera and battery. But it is the programs that allow the phone to do useful things. However, as practical and fun as they may be, you may not want some of them to be available early on on the home screen.

How to hide apps on iPhone

Let's say that, for whatever reason, you are ashamed to have some applications related to the guitar on your iPhone. Maybe you just started learning to play this instrument, but you don't want anyone to know, in case you don't do well and finally decide to give up.

Well, here we tell you how you can hide these applications. First, you must create a folder on the home screen of your iPhone, dragging "personal" applications to the last page. If you follow these steps, you will succeed.

Step 1: Touch and hold one of the applications you want to hide. (For example, GuitarTuna). If you are running iOS 13.2 or later, you must touch the button Edit Start Screen. If you have iOS 13 or 13.1, you must press Rearrange applications. And if you use an iOS version before 13, simply press and hold the application until it starts moving.

Step 2: Drag the app you want to hide to another application. In general, this should be one that does not cause you embarrassment. Drop the application icon when it is over the other. This creates a new folder, which your iPhone will name automatically, depending on the category.

Step 3: If you want to hide another application, drag it to the newly created folder. Repeat until you have placed all the apps you want to keep in reserve. You may want to place other “dummy” programs, just to fill the screen.

Step 4: With all the desired applications in the new folder, you must drag the ones you want to hide to the second page of the new folder. While in mode Edit Start Screen or Rearrange applications (that is, when applications move), hold and drag the first application you want to hide to the edge of the folder.

This will take the application to the next page of the folder. Now, drop the application. Do the same for all the other applications you want to hide, dragging them to the last page.

Step 5: Finally, you may want to change the name of the folder, to give it a more harmless title. In the previous example, we have given our folder the name “Dictionaries“, Since we have added a couple of dictionaries, which are on the first page. Keep in mind that any application on the first page of the folder will be visible from the home screen, although obviously it will be smaller than usual.

That is all. Of course, you can perform this process with any application, third-party or native. If you don't want to keep hiding your applications, you can drag them out of the folder and put them back on the home screen. To do this, you must enter the Edit Start Screen. Easy and fast.

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