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How to watch the High School Musical series at Disney

That's right, High School Musical, the movie that was all the rage in 2006, returns to the screens in the form of a false documentary for the Disney + streaming series platform. Although the characters with whom we paddle and cry a few years ago will not appear, we will return to the East High Institute.

The plot to be quite similar: a group of students will prepare a performance for the winter theater. But not just any performance: they will represent the musical work of High School Musical.

The dramas will be seen both on and off stage. In summary: a teenage series that softens us for reminding us of the original history of High School Musical.

High School Musical: The Musical: Series cast

We will see new faces in the series like those of Olivia Rodrigo, who has to play the role of our Grabiela, or that of Joshua Basset to whom the role of Troy will be delivered. Other actors and actresses in the series will be Matt Cornett, Sofia Wylie, Larry Saperstein or Julia Lester.

How to watch High School Musical: The Musical: Series?

In order to watch the High School Musical series, you will have to have a subscription to the series and movies platform on streaming Disney +

In Spain it will be available from March 24, although you can subscribe now if you wish for a special offer of Release: 59.99 per month for one year of subscription.

The platform is a paradise for the lovers of the Disney universe. You will have access to more than 1000 Disney, Pixar, Star Wars or National Geographic content. You can also download content on up to 10 different devices (which greatly improves the offer of competing platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video).

You may be interested in knowing different ways of obtaining Disney + free, and if you are one of those who cannot wait until March 24 to enjoy the platform, then we recommend that you consult our guide on how See Disney + from Spain or Latin America.

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