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How to know the battery health status of your mobile devices?


How to know the battery health status of your mobile devices?

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February 12, 2015

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Although sometimes it can go a little unnoticed, a good autonomy It is a characteristic that is certainly fundamental and capable of deeply conditioning the use we make of our mobile devices. Unfortunately, the battery it is, on the other hand, one of the components that most frequently can be seen damaged, and not only because of misuse, but simply because of the action of time. How to detect that in the case of your tablet or smartphone battery problems have no more solution than the substitution? We leave you a few tips to help you evaluate it.

Visual inspection

The first step is the most obvious and also the simplest: if you have the possibility in your device to remove the back cover and remove the battery to visually inspect it, we must do this first, since there are a few unequivocal signs of deterioration whose existence we can verify with the naked eye and that they do not require us to be experts at all. It is simply to check if the battery has suffered some kind of deformation, Yes there are breakages on the deck, marks of corrosion or stains of green or white chemicals. The most important thing is that if you encounter any of these problems, act with caution and do not put it back in the device, since a damaged battery can be dangerous.

Check if it has swollen

Another important test of the physical state of the battery is to check if it has swollen, something that can happen if you have received certain damages, such as those caused by exposure to excessive heat or cold for a prolonged period of time. Unfortunately, in this case visual inspection may not be enough, because a virtually imperceptible bulge with the naked eye may be enough to be the symptom of a poor state of health. How can we then diagnose it? The solution is quite simple, actually: we place the battery on a flat surface and try to spin it, as if it were a top. If we succeed, it is a bad sign, since with a battery in good condition we should not be able to get it.

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Observe how it is loaded and unloaded

If you do not have the possibility of removing the battery to carry out the two previous tests, there is still a test that we can perform very easily and that usually gives us a good indication of the health status of the device's battery: it is simply to observe how the percentages when loading and unloading. Of course, we are not simply referring to the speed at which this happens, but to the rate with which we are being indicated, since the jumps that it is giving, theoretically should not exceed a couple of points each time, very progressive. Again, jumps of 5 or 10 points (or more), should consider a sign that something is not going well.

Supplementary Statistics

If we want more accurate data, the truth is that we can also extract them from our own devices, although we will need some help for this. In the case of users of iOS, we can access the information that is normally restricted for the personnel of Manzana thanks to the application iBackupBot, which we can download to our Mac or PC and all we have to do is compare the figure indicated as the initial and current battery capacity and check if the difference is too large.

In the case of users of Android, we have two ways to access that information. The first one is to introduce the code * # * # 4636 # * # * as if we were going to call and then a menu will be displayed in which we only have to choose “information about the battery” and among the different data that will appear on the screen we will see a field that will directly indicate if the battery status is good or no, and another that allows us to measure it with a little more precision: it appears as “battery level” or “scale”, just above this one and if all is well, the value that appears should be 100. In some devices this code will not work, but you can get this kind of information with the application Micropinch.