How to install incompatible or restricted apps in the country

How to install incompatible or restricted apps in the country

Many horny on this subject, you will know what that solution may be, but we will explain it step by step and very simply, so that it is clear to everyone. We already anticipate that it is nothing of the other world and it takes little time.

The VPN be the key

To carry out our mission, we must use a VPN different from the one we normally have, so that Google detects that we are from the region where you can download this app. And for that, there are options that we can install from Google Play, with TunnelBear as the greatest exponent

install incompatible appsinstall incompatible apps

Therefore, we will use this tool to hide our location. The truth is that the app has a fairly simple interface, in which with a simple button we activate or deactivate the change of location of our network, without any root access No process out of the ordinary.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN

Once we have logged in, the teddy bear app locates our location and we can move around the map, to the country where we want to move our network. In this case, we have gone to the United States to download Hulu, a streaming TV app which is not available in Spain.

Procedure to install the restricted app

To do this, we must create another Google account, since we have to change the region of that account in the section on Payment Methods, and once created, it is time to introduce a payment method. If we choose not to fill in this field, due to laziness or not having any electronic method, it is necessary to delete the Google account that we currently use, with the risk of losing some data; If we choose to fill it out, everything will be ready to search for the app.

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Thus, we recommend the second one, since it is much less traumatic and, in any case, it is something that must be completed if we want to buy something in the store, although once this step is completed we can delete the data. It goes without saying that during the process you have to keep the VPN enabled. Next, we go to Google Play to download the Hulu app. If for any reason, it does not appear, there is the option to go to Google Chrome and search for the name of the app accompanied by ‘play store’, and it should already appear.

You can also download the APK

In this second method, something lighter, we have the possibility of saving the previous path, if we directly download the APK file from the browser. You have to be careful and look carefully at the reliability of these download pages, of which we recommend APKMirror, a safe value. That s, both this method and the previous one, may may not work properly on our device for compatibility reasons.