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Facebook eliminates Trump ads for deception

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Facebook He is already taking steps to prevent misleading electoral propaganda during the US process and has done so by removing several Trump ads.

Ads removed

According to the AP agency, the social network has decided to stop showing a series of announcements in which to conduct a survey on the re-election campaign of the US president. I used the word census, but when accessing it, direct users to Trump's website.

The use of the word census can easily be associated by users with the national registry survey that is officially carried out every 10 years to know the population's demographic data.

Donald Trump, labeled as ‘census’ given the possibility that its users may confuse this survey with the national registry that country carries out every decade, reports the AP agency.

What Facebook alleges

Since last March 5, Facebook has begun with the application of its current policies precisely so as not to fall into confusing situations that may end in accusations against the platform for the handling of the information published in it. Especially after the marks of the past electoral process.

What the opposition thinks

These announcements had already been denounced by the president of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who described this campaign as "an absolute lie", while noting that this was "consistent with Facebook's misrepresentation policy."

In fact, the message of the campaign, which was “President Trump needs me to carry out the Official Census of the 2020 Congress District” today, does not correspond to the proposed information requested, after clicking on it.

The aforementioned survey was for users to respond on issues related to voting intentions, political affiliation and media, among other topics, which even raised the alarms of the officials in charge of the US census, given the possibilities of informing erroneously to the American population.

For now, this campaign has been suspended while those responsible for the Republican Party, allege that all its advertisements comply with the law, although for the next they will place a message that helps to avoid confusion.