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Customize your navigation bar without root

There are many things that we can do with our rooted mobile, however one of the main consequences of rooting it is the loss of the warranty because in most of the terminals it is necessary to unlock the bootloader, something that makes certain people think twice already others who are not so interested and prefer to squeeze their device to the maximum (I am included in this group). One of the main novelties with the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop was the ability for the notification bar to acquire the color of the running application, while version after version the navigation bar continued to remain with its classic black color.

Those who have usedXposed Frameworkthey know that there is a module that solves the detail of coloring ournavigation barIn the same way that happens with the notification bar, this module is calledLollistat. However, there is an alternative for those users who do not have their rooted terminal, and that works in any terminal without any risk. The application in question is calledNavbar Apps. This application not only allows us to color the navigation bar, but allows us to make some extra customizations, however for this the first thing is to download and install it fromhere

Once downloaded, we must go toSettingsof our Android smartphone to enable permission toAccessibility, which will allow the application to know what application is currently on the screen to be able to color the navigation bar.

Among the customizations offered by the application, we can establish:

  • An aesthetic color
  • Use the color of the current application (it is enabled by default)
  • Place an image
  • Place emoticons
  • Show an equalizer

The application does not have much complexity however if we want to use more images we must go through the box and unlock the versionpremium, which has a cost of$ 19 MXN, a fairly economical price to pay for an application that will allow us to make our navigation bar incredible.

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