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Android fragmentation ends with a popular photo app

Redmi Note 8T camera

Although we love Android, we cannot deny that Google's operating system is quite a few steps below Apple's iOS in some other way. One of the points to improve immediately is fragmentation, and as we all know, in the current market there are many Android phones, each with a different hardware, each with a different version of Android and each with a road map in terms of updates and security patches also different.

Fragmentation on Android is not only a problem for users who see it as their newly purchased phone – usually low and medium range models – never upgrade to later versions of Android, but also for many application developers who have to adapt their creations to many Android phones and operating system versions.

One of the last victims of the fragmentation has been the Moment brand, known for creating lenses, angles, telephoto lenses and other products for mobile phones, which has just announced that Stop updating your Android camera app because of the fragmentation.

Android fragmentation charges another victim: will Google do something to fix it?

Moment Pro

We talk about Moment Pro Camera at the time. It is a “professional” photo app with many options and functions. The application, available on both iOS and Android, arrived for give us greater control over the photographs that are captured with the smartphone, through advanced controls such as shooting speed, ISO level, exposure value, focus type and white balance.

Well, as we have read in a recent statement on the official website of the company, the app for Android stop updating Basically because of the fragmentation.

According to Moment, in the first place they don't have enough capacity to constantly update their tool. This is because different brands like to substantially alter the different versions of Android So adapting Moment Pro Camera to each of them is a titanic task, something that has made them throw in the towel and focus on other projects.

We will continue to make apps for iOS because we think it is a much more robust and stable operating system

Moment Pro Camera will remain in the Play Store for all those who want to continue using it even if they already notice in the app store itself that the app will stop receiving support from the developers. Moment continue working on other mobile apps although they recognize that they will focus solely and exclusively on iOS. For them it is a much more robust operating system and has greater stability, as there are no different versions and above all, being a unique brand.

As we have been saying for a long time, fragmentation is one of the biggest – not to mention the most – Android problems. The fact that so many different models coexist in the same market, with their different versions of Android and with their own customization layers is not only a problem for users but also for developers themselves. Of course it is also a problem for Google even if I don't do much to fix it.